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Link and List Communicators
In business circles that are serviced by legal professionals there is a market for quick links to credible information providers that can be trusted to offer reliable information. In this marketplace there is also a need for quick links to authorities whose offices manage registrations and other processes that need to be attended to.
Keeping the App up to date and building the comprehensiveness of it will require some effort but the value will be established by the continuous stream of leads that your banner adverts will generate.
The example below illustrates the provision of an App that to select audiences will be highly valued. It is a Corporate Governance Links  App. It can be customised to meet the needs of specific audiences. It illustrates the usefullness and value that can established and which, with banner adverts, will keep your firm top of mind.
This is a demonstration site.
The download can be direct from the App or it can link to a page like this that provides further information or it can be set behind a password protected page (they are options) eg you can request users to contact you with an order number to verify the share or review. The password for this demo download page is
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