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WhatsGood Community Communicator

 Note: This App is a Reward for Sharing: Open, Add to Home Screen & Tap to View Your Local Service Providers

 Country/Territory: South Africa

This App is a Reward for Sharing: Open, Add to Home Screen & Tap to View Your Local Service Providers

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WhatsGood Community Communicators
WhatsGood Communicators are specialist link and link type communicators that are, in essence, local community pages.
To create a Goodmans Local Pages App or Communicator is easy. You download a spreadsheet template and upload it with the name and contact information of a business, NGO or other service provider. Listed entities can offer deals by upgrading from a free listing. Marketing the communicator is a good place to start with a call for recommendations. The more comprehensive the coverage of potential needs the more relevant and sought after the comunicator will be.  It may take time to gather the information but once loaded the communicator will effectively generate a consistent stream of leads from banner headline and footer adverts. 
Done right, WhatsGood community communicators will be valued and if valued it will be shared. It can be set up to be a reward for sharing the link to the communicator.  Members can create a variety of communicators. 
This is a demonstration site.
The download can be direct from the App or it can link to a page like this that provides further information or it can be set behind a password protected page (they are options) eg you can request users to contact you with an order number to verify the share or review. The password for this demo download page is
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