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eCommerce Ideas For Law Firms

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Select Read More to review a selection of eCommerce ideas for Law Firms

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Online Legal Product and Service Ideas
The advantage of offering online products and services is that the reach of the practice will be extended.
Having a bigger market also means that there will be more competition. Competition in itself means that there is demand and establishing a viable online business will entail finding a niche where you can be competive.
In the market for forms and legal documents law firms often supply standard templates that they have created for everyday business. This means that their cost of acquisition that relates to their stock is minimal.
The Webo SaaS offers the functionality to manage and deliver electronic documents in an eCommerce store that is setup for EFT, Credit Card and other forms of payment.
Areas of the law where online products and services can be offered include:
  • Documents such as contracts and manuals such as the Demo Protea HR manual: that can be customised or which are customisable eg employment contracts or Service Level Agreements.
  • Managed straight forward divorce settlement packages.
  • Managed staff registration packages that include legal and HR compliance services.
  • Business in a box: Company formation and related registrations.
  • Intellectual property matters: Patents
  • Risk management; privacy policies, terms and conditions of sale, income disclaimers, etc.
  • Q&A services. Based on time and expertise needed.
  • The drafting of wills.
  • Trust formations.  
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