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 Note: Highlight vulnerabilities by eg linking to topical content on your blog

 Country/Territory: South Africa

Spark a conversation by offering relevant snippets that are worth talking about and which may go viral between interested parties and their friends and connections on eg Your Viral Blog.

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Client Audiences are not likley to regularily link to your website or Apps unless you offer fresh and interesting content updates.
Maintaining and building client relationships requires multiple active push and pull communication channels that meet client needs.
It's a tough call to meet the needs of both new and existing clients. Ask yourself; Would I be loyal to an old newspaper?  Unless the newspaper has historical significance it is likely to be thrown away.
Absolutely, content is king but:
  • If the content is not fresh it will be ignored
  • If it is not well presented it will not be read
  • If it is not relevant to the user it will not be read, even if it is well presented and
  • If it is not easy to find it will not be found
  • if it is not worth talking about it will not be shared nor reviewed
  • if it is not easy to share or review it will not be shared nor reviewed and
  • if you reward sharing and reviewing with appropriate rewards that support the reputation and intigrity of your firm your growth will be accelerated. 
Webo SaaS content presentation ideas include:
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