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Communication Channel Options

 Note: Offer a range of Communicators to establish and build relationships through desired communicator technology.
 Product Number: Some Pull and Push Communication Channel Options

 Country/Territory: South Africa

Offer a range of Communicators to establish and build relationships through desired communicator technology.

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Communication Channel Options
The Webo SaaS offers communication channel choice. We recommend that our members explore the choices open to them and offer an appropriate selection to their clients. Individual needs and privacy influences will guide their preferences. 
Some may prefer text messaging others may suffer from email overload and for a variety of reasons individuals will have preferences as to their choice of inter-personal communication. By meeting their needs our SaaS Members will establish customer relationships within their CRM .

Opt-In Push instant messaging using WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has characteristics that relate to the fact that it is a group chat forum. Those that participate have the option to leave the group and they have the option to set their individual privacy status. The Law Firm does not influence these matters and needs to balance the advantages that instant messaging offers with the fact that their client list becomes public to the group. WhatsApp is a free service but does have group size limits. Currently groups are limited to 256 however more than one group can be created.
Opt-In Push messaging using Clickatel SMS
SMS is a one to one messaging system. Webo has an opt-in registration option that allows SaaS Members to bulk SMS their opt-in database. It is not a free service. Clickatel credits can be purchased on the Webo SaaS Site Admin Panel.

Tne Webo SaaS has three Communicator App builders. The communicators are on demand Pull Communicators that offer the latest information at the tap of a home screen button or by opening a bookmark on a PC.

We recommend that Webo SaaS members create list and list plus WhatsGood Apps as rewrds for sharing and reviews.

Blogs are Pull Communicators that offer the option for interative messaging and they can be fully integrated with social media. Blogs are powerful network builders that have the potential to build reputations and accelerate referrals.
Opt-In Email
The clients of our SaaS Members register and opt-in for e-mail notifications and they can unsubscribe in their online accounts.
Email notification is a part of the registration procss that validates email addresses.
Persons (data subjects) who follow blog topics will receive email notifications and they can unfollow (opt-out) at any time.
POPI Act: Reasonable & Appropriate Security Safeguards are required
  • Encryption: Every site enjoys the highest grade encryption available
  • Firewalls:  Every site enjoys advanced firewall protection
  • Monitoring: Every site enjoys 24/7 malware & blacklist monitoring.
POPI Act: Data Subject Participation right to access, edit & delete personal information
  • Access: Every client of a Webo client (user) registers for a fully editable private account
  • Purpose: Every user can follow/unfollow topics & opt-in / out of SMS/Email subscriptions
  • Openness:  Information completeness and accuracy is in the hands of each user.
EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) applicability outside Europe. 
  • Applicability:  The GDPR applies to living persons (data subjects) and not to juristic persons.
  • Applicability: The SA POPI Act applies to both living persons and to juristic entities.
  • Applicability: Applies to offering goods and services from anywhere to persons in the EU
  • This page and website  does not constitute Legal Advice.
  • It serves as a guideline only.


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