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 Note: You get a viral Blog; Pull Blogging with the Follow Option & Pull Blogging with Page Bookmarking
 Product Number: Pull Blogging with the Follow Option & Pull Blogging with Page Bookmarking

 Country/Territory: South Africa

You get a viral Blog; Pull Blogging with the Follow Option & Pull Blogging with Page Bookmarking

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Establishing and marketing a reputation as a legal professional has traditionally taken time. There are many reasons why blogging is an ideal reputation accelerator. The Webo blog is fully integrated with social media. Liking, sharing and spreading the word via social media is one step away. 
At the core, blogging success is driven by content. Interesting content attracts audiences. Presenting content relevant to target audiences ignites conversations. Conversations open the door to showcasing hard earned knowledge and experience. Demonstrating knowledge and experience will build trust.
Understanding that blogging is a channel to niche markets and that it begs a strategy built around keyword analytics is a key to success. Lawyers write opinions, present arguments and persuade. It is what they do. Blogging consistently to address specific issues is the win:win needed to drive success. With regular and consistent attention to delivering relevant content, that is pitched to meet demand, on a blog will be a powerful reputation accelerator.
The length of a blog post is not as important as it is to adequately cover the topic. Try to encourage conversation on blog posts so that you can explore the needs of your audience to a deeper level. Blogging consistently and at a defined time is important as it creates expectation and loyalty to the blog.
There is a silent advantage to blogging and that is that it has a personality that makes it unique. With regular and consistent blogging by attorneys and advocates within the firm it will not be long before the firm's blog will become a treasure chest of opinion. As the content grows so too will the personality of the blogger add to the blogger's reputation. Clients appoint people not firms. If a potential client has an interest in a legal topic the chances are that the day will come when the person will need legal advice or someone to represent them in litigation or arbitration. If someone follows a legal blog, the blogger will be top of mind on the given blog topic. 
As a blogger you will have the answers to the area of the law that you specialise in. What should you blog about? Understanding that potential customers have needs, desires and frustrations is a step in the right direction. Invest in finding out all that you can about what drives the demand for your servives. The frequently asked questions open the way to building a strategy to service the needs of the demand that there is. This said, those that participate in the blog will have a range of interests. Blogging about headline news and industry reports will build the personality profile of the blogger.
By clearly framing the problem, others that read the blog may recognise the need for the bloggers services and thus may recommend the blogger to someone in need.
Blogging offers the opportunity to showcase knowledge and can definately build reputations and referrals.


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