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Follow the Read More link to review the Videos on Online Meetings Rooms and link to the live Meeting Room

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Overview of the Online Meeting Room & Meeting Pack App 
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Why Are Secretarial Advisory Services
Well Positioned Within A Law Firm?

Over the preceding decade, the company secretarial environment has changed drastically, mainly owing to the introduction of new legislation, namely, the Companies Act No 71 of 2008 (“New Act”). The New Act has created an opportunity for young professionals to become experts in the application and implications the Act, which differs fundamentally from the previous dispensation.
The New Act has in many respects created great confusion as to its compliance requirements and the manner in which evidence of compliance is fulfilled. Furthermore, difficulty has been met with the Regulator’s interpretation of the New Act and the Body’s lack of knowledge or precedent to resolve substantive and procedural queries received in respect thereof.
The extensive and sophisticated level of compliance required by the New Act has resulted in prudent governance and secretarial support becoming imperative to the effective running of business per the legislative ambit.
Legal Firms are in a position to optimally assist clients in navigating the demands of the Companies Act thereby enabling compliance with the compulsory sections and facilitate business transactions.
Secretarial consulting including but not limited to the following:
•    private company registrations, reinstatements and deregistrations;
•    external branch registrations;
•    trust registrations and amendments;
•    structured solutions;
•    compliance;
•    corporate health checks;
•    board Management and technical advisory; and
•    exchange control management and expertise.
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