About The Webo SaaS
About the Webo SaaS
The Webo SaaS is a comprehensive user friendly software service that does not require programming skills. We suggest that Members customise a Loyalty & Referral Marketing Programme (LPM) starting with the Loyalty & Referral App and that they execute a digital marketing strategy over time in line with their needs for conventional and referral marketing. Sites are fully integrated with social media and offer advanced mobile friendly connectivity and CRM. Interesting content attracts audiences and while the content is key the presentation thereof is critical to it being read. 
We are digital marketing strategists and our Performance enhancement Programme has achieved turnarounds that have astounded many. We coach our Webo SaaS Members to formulate and execute our tried and tested frameworks that accelerate growth. We challenge them to adopt the mantra; Double Turnover in Half the Time!
The marketing playing field was traditionally characterised by broadcasting messages to audiences defined mostly by location via: Newspapers, TV, mail-box drops, magazine adverts and newspaper inserts, etc. Digital marketing to online audiences enables niche audiences to be targeted by who they are and what they do. Referral marketing acceleration is powered by the principle of give to get. Give people something to talk about and rewward them for doing so and they will make an appropriate referral to their friends and connections. Selecting the reward is critical to maintaing the integrity of the programme. Rewards need to embody and illustrate the value of the services being marketed. Ask us how.


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