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Gold Loyalty Deal: New Arrival, Leolux Dining Chair

 Note: 5 for 6 Gold Status Loyalty Reward

 Country/Territory: South Africa

GOLD REWARD: Redeem 5,000 points and get one chair free when you buy 5. Making sitting a pleasure - it's what we do.

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Making sitting a pleasure - this is the Leolux promise. One that’s fulfilled through thoughtful design, made to order with innovative techniques, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. With sofas, corner sofas, and armchairs that are among the world’s most iconic, Leolux has crafted every design at their own production centers in the Netherlands, since 1936. Today, Leolux is known for consistently winning the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.
A swivel armchair by Axel Enthoven embodies soft curves, a concealed operating system and decorative seams for beauty in every position. A real beauty that adapts to give comfort, the Ysolde swivel chair comes with an electronic ‘up’ function to provide a slightly higher seat or some well-earned assistance while getting up from the chair.
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