Coupon Terms & Conditions
The Grand Hotel and the Country Lodge belong to the GHCL Group.
1. Introduction
  • The GHCL Loyalty & Referral Programme covers guests at:
    • The Grand Hotel and the
    • Country Lodge.
  • The GHCL Loyalty Programme covers Guests at both Hotels and at the following outlets:
    • The Country Club Golf Course
    • Hotel amenities; Tennis, Bowls, Squash, Spa, Gym and at the Sports Pro Shop
    • The Garden Patio food service at the Country Lodge
    • The Club Rooms at both Hotels and
    • The Grill Rooms at both hotels.
2. GHCL Loyalty & Referral Programme Tier Structure
Our Loyalty programme is based on Points that are earned on the basis set out below at the rate of one point per rand spent excluding VAT and any gratuities.
  • Silver Fan Level:  Points 1 to 12,500
  • Gold Fan Level: Points 12,501 to 25,000
  • Platinum Fan Level: Points 25,001 to 100,000
  • Platinum VIP Level: Points 40,000 to 80,000
  • Platinum Elite Level: Points 80,001 and above
  • Points duration: 720 days
3. The GHCL Referral Programme:
  • Advisor: 1 Review - duration 10 d4ys
  • Advocate: 1 Share - duration 10 days
  • Ambassador: 1 Redeemed Coupon Referral - duration 30 days
4. Silver Fan Level Membership Coupon Benefits. 
Coupon Benefits that do not require the redemption of points and which are Status Tier dependent are as follows:
Note: Coupons are offers to purchase at a discount and are subject to availability. Our coupons are issued subject to the following standard terms and conditions:
  • Our Coupon programme is a short term promotion subject to availibilty and must be confirmed at the time of placing a booking by contacting us.
  • See "Contact Us" for our various contact details.
  • This promotion is not available through third party booking agents.
  • Coupons are to be presented on your phone at the time of check-in for confirmation and redemption.
  • Coupons and vouchers expire on the dates specified.
  • Note that when acquiring a coupon by selecting "GET IT" the coupon will be added to your account. 
  • Only one coupon may be applied to one continuous stay by a guest or guests occupying one room.
  • A 2/4/1 coupon is valid, subject to availability, for any two night stay between Monday and Thursday. You pay for one night.
  • A 4/4/2 coupon is valid, subject to availability, for four nights (Monday to Thursday). You pay for one night.
  • A LMD coupon (Last Minute Deal), is valid, subject to availability, for a a stay of up to 14 days. You pay 50% of the standard rate, upon arrival and check-in, within 2 days of room availability confirmation.
  • Coupon redemption is limited to accommodation charges as outlined in the above 2/4/1, 4/4/2 and LMD options. It does not cover any additional services, meals, spa treatments or other charges.
  • Our terms and conditions must be accepted online as a condition of purchase of a coupon.
  • No refunds, cashbacks or part utilisation of a coupon is allowed.
  • Add-on items are be purchased as separate items to the accommodation charge for settlement upon departure.
  • Coupon redemption is subject to the availability of accommodation.
  • Mobile check-in, free amenities
  • In-room free wi-fi
5. Gold Fan Level Membership Coupon Benefits. 
  • Reservation Guarantee
  • Free Room upgrades when available
  • Free upgraded internet access
  • Late checkout up to 2pm
6. Platinum Fan Level Membership Coupon Benefits
  • Late Checkout up to 4 pm
7. Platinum VIP Level
  • Family Holiday Award. 5 Night Family Room Award per calendar year between 15 December and 15 January. Subject to availability.
  • Once Off Tier Award; Choice of a Technology Gadget Box, Health & Beauty Box and Golf Box.
7. Platinum VIP Level
  • Family and Friend Holiday Award. 2 x 5 Night Family Room Award between 15 December and 15 January
  • Gold Status upgrade for a friend. Subject to availability.
  • Once Off Tier Award; A Luxuary Travel Box plus a His and a Hers Pamper Box.
Coupons are an offer to purchase and in no way does one evidence payment for accommodation, meals and services.

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