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The MISASA Blog has a focus upon discussion on recreational aviation matters that the Committee is working upon. We support Microlighters as the Blog for general chat. THE QUICK LINK TO THE MISASA BLOG IS: WWW.BLOG.MISASA.ORG
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Licence Conversions: What is involved in convertiong from one licence to another
Posted On:  17th, April 2016
 As from: 03/30/2011 for a PPL Licence you need a:Valid MedicalRadio telephony licenceRelevant Exams to be completed onlineSkills test all Categories by an A or B grade instructorInitial requirements for the licence are 45 hrs flyingTo convert to a PPL from a LSA ( subpart 16)30 hrs creditmin 10 hrs dual instr whi
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Who Flies? What do they Fly? How Much does it Cost?
Posted On:  18th, April 2016
Recreational AviationDid you know that most pilots start with a fun scenic introductory flightBelow: Pilots seen at a MISASA gatheringsPeople from all walks of life fly microlights and light sport planes. There are some 1,600 people with NPL licences in Sourth Africa. The Microlight and Light Sport Aeroplane Associatio
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RAASA Advice On > ON CONDITION use of NTCA incl. Engines <
Posted On:  5th, September 2016
 Set out below is great advice from RAASA - EdThere seems to be a lot of confusion or dissatisfaction around the “On Condition” use on NTCA in particular their engines. The regulation in Part 44 already provides for on condition use beyond time/date limits. This provision is specific for private u
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