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The MISASA Blog has a focus upon discussion on recreational aviation matters that the Committee is working upon. We support Microlighters as the Blog for general chat. THE QUICK LINK TO THE MISASA BLOG IS: WWW.BLOG.MISASA.ORG
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How do I add the Communicator BUTTON to my phone or PC
Posted On:  14th, April 2016
The MISASA Quick Link & Deal Finder Communicator is powered by eAfrica. The Communicator enables us to host an ONLINE EXPO. The executive summary to adding the COMMUNICATOR BUTTON to your phone or PC is to open the page at WWW.EXPO.MISASA.ORG and to bookmark the page. Each time you open it the page will be updated
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Who can list & how do I exhibit my Company on the MISASA DEAL FINDER
Posted On:  20th, April 2016
MISASA Quick Link & Deal Finder CommunicatorAs you may know, MISASA launched the Online Expo a couple of years ago in support of suppliers that exhibited at the SHOWCASE that we held at Kitty Hawk. These listings have been revived but currently are outdated. We are working with our suppliers to get the listings upd
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