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Annual Technical Report 2016

Annual Technical Report 2016
2016 has been a very busy year for my portfolio and I would like to thank the members for giving me the opportunity to be their technical representative.  Many meetings were attended during last year.  Some of the highlights are:
Project 24:
The last year has been dominated by Project 24 which has been a most interesting project and which is well on the way now.  The exciting part of the project is that we will have facilities for our sector of aviation which will allow us to do training, maintenance, limited commercial activities and manufacturing without complying with the daunting requirements of the certified world.  It has however been very disappointing as to how little contribution has been received from our sector of the industry despite many requests for contributions.  People are quick to criticize the regulations as they are at present but do not assist in improving them.
Approved Persons and maintenance:
New regulations have been drafted for approved persons, maintenance facilities and manufacturing facilities which are available for review on the RAASA website. 
The establishment of guidelines for the continued use “on condition” of timex engines which is allowed for in Part 44 for privately used aircraft is sitting with CAA for approval.
Guidelines for the production of maintenance control manuals will be available soon on the RAASA website to help those who are required to produce such manuals.
A problem that has been dominating the previous year with regard to APs in the fact that APs are not keeping proper maintenance records or complete logbooks of experience.
RAASA ILF meetings:
Meetings are held between RAASA and the AROs which are used as a forum for feedback by RAASA to the AROs and where problems in industry can be discussed.  Problems experienced by our members can be brought to these meetings via the ARO representative.
Relaxation of the class 4 medical protocols.
Radiotelephony examinations are now being administered by RAASA for Part 62 licences.  The examinations should be online within the next month.
Examination sytem review
This took place during January 2016.  Standardisation of the study material was discussed.  The appropriateness of the questions was also debated.  The examination syllabi were also looked at and revised
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