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LSA and CCM: Practical Training Syllabus

The practical syllabus flight training has been broken up into 5 phases. The aim of the course is to train a candidate to the level of proficiency required for the issue of a type rating for light sport aeroplanes, and to provide the training necessary to act as pilot-in-command of any light sport aeroplane for which he or she holds a valid class or type rating, engaged in non-revenue flights under visual flight rules. Each lesson will be repeated until a satisfactory level is obtained. 
The lessons are set out as follows:
Phase 1:
Lesson 1:        Exercise 1 – 3             Air experience
Lesson 2:        Exercise 4 & 5:            Effects of controls and taxiing
Lesson 3:        Exercise 6:                  Straight and level
Phase 2:
Lesson 4:        Exercise 7 & 8:           Climbing and descending
Lesson 5:        Exercise 9:                 Turning
Lesson 6:        Exercise 10A & B:       Slow flight and stalling
Lesson 7:        Exercise 12 & 13:       Initial Circuits
Lesson 8:        Exercise 12 & 13:        Advanced Circuits
Phase 3
Lesson 9:        Exercise 12 & 13:        Cross wind circuits and landings
Lesson 10:      Exercises 1E, 5E,
                      12E & 13E:                 Circuit emergencies
Lesson 11:      Exercise 12 & 13:        Check ride to first solo
Lesson 12:      Exercise 14:                First Solo
Lesson 13:      Exercise 12 & 13:        Solo circuits
Phase 4:
Lesson 14:      Exercise 15:                Advanced turning
Lesson 15:      Exercise 16:                Forced landing without power
Lesson 16:      Exercise 17A:              Low level flying
Lesson 17:      Exercise 17B:              Precautionary landing
Phase 5:
Lesson 18:      Exercise 18A:             Navigation – dual
Lesson 19:      Exercise 18A, B & C:   Navigation with problems and GPS - dual
Lesson 20:      Exercise 18A:             Navigation – solo
Lesson 21:      Exercise 19:                asic instrument flight
Phase 6:
Lesson 22:      Flight test prep
Lesson 23:      NPL flight test
Lesson 24:      NPL test – NAV

The Part 62 framework for LSA aircraft training as well as that for CCM and for WCM aircraft training is shortly to be reviewd by RAASA as a part of Project 24.
Please send comments on LSA, CCM and WCM training to for the attention of Rowena Kraidy. 


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