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Getting Listed on the MISASA Aircraft, Aviation Products and Services Showcase.

Suppliers are invited to showcase products, services and aircraft.
To do so contact and request a link to the upload page. You may add up to 21 images per page. Each upload must be about 1 product. Thus, if you sell helmets in 6 colours and 6 sizes then you may list one item called helmets. If you also sell avionic equipment then each product will be a separate product but all variations or models of the product must be shown on one listing. If you sell aircraft and there are various options for the same aircraft: An entry level version with no extras, one with a glass panel, etc. These are then modifications of the same aircraft and they must all be included on the one listing. If you have a tail dragger and a three axis version then these are different aircraft and will be listed as two aircraft as you will be required to hold a separate rating for each.
The page may be linked back to your website, online shop or to the manufacturer overseas.
Listing is free for DIY uploads.
If you want the listing to be done for you we will send you a quote.
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