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YEARBOOKS: Microflight Africa 2016 Yearbook

The first draft of the Microflight Africa 2016 Yearbook is available for review by the Microflight Africa content providers/scribes. Please offer suggested edits / deletions and improvements.

The Yearbook can be viewed online on the online FLIPBOOK option in the side panel on the left. Alternatively you can download a low res pdf copy.

3.3 MB  pages 1 to 41

5,1 MB pages 42 to 83

  6 MB pages 84 to 125

  6,1 MB pages 126 to 167

  4,4 MB pages 168 to 208

The low res PDF downloads may, depending upon your bandwidth speed,  take some time download.

I look forward to your comments.

You can WhatsApp comments to 071 50 71 400, e-mail: or you can respond to the blog topic. To respond to the blog you will, as a once off, have to register and then log in.

Fly safe and enjoy every airbourne moment.


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