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Microflight Africa: Policies

Microflight Africa Editorial Policy
  • Microflight Africa is a MISASA publication that is published in two formats:
    • A Yearbook: This is a printed edition published once a year at midyear.
      • In 2017 it will comprice a yearbook that of 76 pages.
      • It will be published in July 2017, subject to content availability.
      • Direction: The Yearbook is intended to be a "coffee table" picture book.
    • An eMag: This is to be published in July, September and in November and is targeted to comprice of a minimum of 25 pages however content availability will dictate the final size.
      • The publication dates are dependent upon content availability.
      • Direction: The eMag is intended to carry News and stories and may at the discretion of the Editor have a declared theme.
      • Theme: The 2017 theme is to feature as far as content allows a focus on clubs, schools and airfields.
  • The MISASA Classifieds are adverts submitted for consideration by members to the Editor.
  • The MISASA Sport Aviation App is an APP that offers one-click links to service providers and to deals.
    • is the official MISASA Sport Aviation App.
  • Flying African Skies is the MISASA DVD that is published from time to time dependent upon content submissions from members.
  • A Website.
    • is the official MISASA Website.
Any content submitted for publication becomes the non-exclusive IP of MISASA and the Editor. This means that it is ours & yours.
The Microflight Africa yearbook is a recreational aviation magazine providing information and views about, and of interest to, members. Our Aims include;
  • Encouraging flight safety and discipline
    through the sharing of stories;
  • Articulating our camaraderie and like mindedness to offer an insight to the
    pleasure of flight, that when shared, develops our sport through a deeper understanding of our passion;
  • Giving public expression to MISASA’s involvement in giving voice to our views on legislative and regulatory matters;
  • Offering a constructive appraisal of the status of our quest for the “Freedom of Flight” within South Africa;
  • Supporting the attainment of our vision of a world in which we capture the
  • emotion and soul of the early days of flight and in which together we work to give voice to enhance sophistication
  • in safe recreational aviation whilst advocating the collective interests of our membership.
  • Providing a vehicle for information about the plans, programs and activities of our membership;
  • Providing a forum for the expression of and exchange of opinion.
  • Professional Ethics
In pursuing its aims, Microflight Africa is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Its Editor and staff shall:
  • Report and interpret news with scrupulous honesty, striving to present all relevant facts and not suppressing
  • or distorting relevant available facts by wrong or improper emphasis;
  • Place no unnecessary emphasis on gender, race, sexual preference, religious belief, marital status or physical or mental disability;
  • Respect confidences received;
  • Use fair and honest means to obtain news, pictures, films, tapes and documents;
• Identify themselves and the magazine before obtaining an interview for publication;
• Respect private grief and personal privacy; and
• Do their utmost to correct any published information found to be harmfully inaccurate.
• Allow no consideration, gift or advantage offered to influence any professional duties;
• To be a membership magazine that supports content submissions by members even when images submitted are of a low resolution or when stories are not offered in “the Queen’s English!”
• To permit the character and personality of members to shine by way on restricting journalistic edits to a minimum.
Advertising Policy
The Advertising policy shall be determined by the Editor from time to time.
At present:
  • We do not place adverts in the printed versions of Microflight Africa.
  • Adverts in the Microflight Africa eMag are placed in the Classifieds section of the eMag at the rear of the eMag.
    • These adverts are subject to acceptance by the Editor.
    • Are free of charge.
    • Are a service to members.
  • Advertorials are carried on the website in the product showcase.
    • These advertorials are nor chared for.
  • Suppliers may submit requests for inclusion on the MISASA Deals APP.
    • There is no charge for inclusion on the basis that the App links to Free Listings on the
    • Should a supplier seek an DIY upgrade from a free listing this will be sponsored by Webo and if build assistance is required there will be a charge.
We Support You To Be Yourself
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Baruch
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