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Official Photographers and Scribes

Official Photographers and Scribes


Kobus Brink is an official Microflight Africa photographer and he enjoys full press accreditation from RAASA which allows him apron etc access at airshows etc.
We are permitted another official photographer who will be required to offer examples of published material to qualify for accreditation.


We have vacancies for scribes in all the provinces.


Should there be anyone that would like to take over as the Editor I would be happy to mentor you during the production of this mag. Basically you need to devote about 6 weeks to getting on your knees to encourage the members to submit content. You do not have to produce the mag but if you want to that is ok but you will then need extra time - the Editor's job is that of a volunteer who gathers some 250 pages of content, edits it, checks the layout and manages the print and electronic uploads. All MISASA positions are occupied by volunteers. 


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