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2017 YEARBOOK: Request for Content 13/5/2017

We need your Pictures
We need your Stories
We need your News
It is that time of year when I need to remind you that the mag is yours, it contains your content, your news, your stories.

 If you want you can WhatsApp me pictures with captions or you can Skype me on " yebowebo"  and I'll help paint your picture.
You can also e-mail me content.  I'll fix the stories just send the content. Even bullet points will be appreciated.  Thanks Alan.
Bertie van Agterberg (pictured below) is the only pilot to have sent in a story.
Help,  his story with no pictures is 4 pages and is about how he can tell when the water has cooled to the right temperature for his preflight cup of coffee in winter. Please up his game!

Please send your content ASAP

You can WhatsApp pictures and you can e-mail us.
The sooner the better.
 We would like to update our records on Clubs, Schools and Airfields. Please fill in the form below for clubs, schools and airfields in your area.  Please let us have the details that you have even if they are incomplete.
We are modernising - read about it by selecting one of the "read more"  buttons at the top of the page.


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