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2016 / 2017 Safety Report

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Safety and accident report Misasa 2016
I have gone through the accident reports for 2016. This is a brief summary of the cause of the accidents. This is only for LSA and microlights.
There were 3 accidents in 2016 for which formal accident reports have been issued by SACAA. Not sure whether more were submitted to SACAA and that the reports are still outstanding.
1. The first is a BatHawk that crashed on a game farm.
They were flying at a height of approximately 100 feet above ground level (AGL) according to the data obtained from the GPS unit that was on board. During the second orbit, the left wing suddenly dropped and the aircraft went into a spin. They impacted with terrain in a substantial nose-down attitude, coming to rest in a semi inverted attitude 17.8m after impact.
2. The second was a Jabiru SP
During the take-off, the aircraft experienced a loss in engine power. It then turned to the right, followed by a (270) two hundred and seventy degree turn to his left, after which the aircraft impacted the ground.
3. The third was a trike.
Collision with the power lines/wire strike because of a failure to look out.
It is interesting to note that in all three accidents it was clearly pilot error that caused the accident. The accident in the Jabiru was precipitated by an engine problem which resulted in a fatal crash. The pilot tried to turn back which ultimately caused the aircraft to impact the ground in a nose down attitude. The aircraft was also overloaded contributing to the accident.
In light of this, the question is asked, is our training adequate or is there an “attitude “problem.
Why do some light aircraft fly so low? Why are we doing steep turns close to the ground? Do we often practice forced landings or do we only practice them before a flight test?
It is also interesting to note that the pilots all had over 100 hours flight time. They were not students. They had 110, 235 and 2498 hours.
Do you ever read articles on flying and/or brush up on your theory? Do you know what the difference is between a spin and a spiral dive, how do you recover from a spin and a spiral dive. What are the reasons that can cause a spin or a spiral dive? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you need to brush up on your theory. It could save your life.
Deon Kraidy
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