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2016 / 2017 Training Report

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The new online exams are now live. Most of the hick-ups that there were, are now sorted out and the irrelevant questions have been removed from the system.
The instructors have a standard syllabus to follow when training a student, and are motivated to give ground school lectures to the students.
Owner training aircraft must now have a contract that is approved by RAASA before such an ATF is issued. This processs is currently not a 1 hour service - yet.
The licensing & ATF department at RAASA still give pilots a great service with a short turn around time.
RAASA hosted an instructors seminar at Rand Airport where instructors had the opportunity to discuss the new exam system and were lectured on the requirements and how to complete the paperwork correctly. Topics discussed were: ground school lectured, practical training and more…
From April 2016 – March 2017, RAASA issued 1861 licenses and the year before they issued 1998 licenses.
The number of ATFs issued to NTCA has increased during the last year.
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