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2016 / 2017 Competitions Report

June 2017
‘Enhancing airmanship through contest’
The planned competition for 2017 was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of support and has subsequently been re-scheduled to take place at Numbi, and is to run concurrently with the Africa Cup event 22 – 24 September 2017 as a separate and formal event in accordance to international competition flying criteria. It has become apparent that the economic downturn has, is and probably will remain an unfortunate determinant in the level of formal competition flying interest.
Prize monies and awareness has been increased in an attempt to lure the cash-strapped enthusiast by hosting the formal competition at the well supported Africa Cup event, which attracts a broader spectrum of aircraft. The emphasis is to preserve the casual fun event flavour that has cemented the Africa Cup renown in the past and to enlighten those crew members who are possibly intimidated by formal competition criteria or who are simply misinformed.
I wish to thank all Misasa members and the Executive Committee for the generous prize money consideration and the on-going support in pursue of airmanship enhancement through competition flying at an international level, irrespective of a challenging economic climate.
Fly safe
Mervyn Reynolds
073 763 7510
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