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2016 / 2017 Admin Report

Thelma Roberts-Boucher
In a blink of an eye, the year has passed us by and I have to submit my report.
Membership administration and renewals have progressed without any noteworthy problems up until the submission of this report (June 2017). The Bluebox Online system is functioning well. Developers have included the added security that credit card providers offer and without this, online transactions can only take place if activated at your banking institution and authorisation of an OTP. Another feature of the system is that members can download their licence insert, proof of membership required for renewal purposes in PDF format as well update details as and when required. Members are urged to use their own e-mail and postal addresses and not that of their AP.
The portal offers interesting links to Aviation Safety orientated websites ie. As in previous years, more than 70% of members had already renewed at the time of this report. MISASA and other sections of Aeroclub have however experienced a disconcerting decline of up to 15% in membership renewals. This is troublesome and one of the reasons can be attributed to the pressing economic climate.
As always, my interaction with members has only been pleasant and courteous - I sincerely thank them for that. Members joining for the first time have been sent a complimentary copy of the latest annual magazine “Microflight Africa”.
In closing, I do urge members to contact me should they have any inquiries or queries and will most certainly do my best to resolve any issues or direct them to the appropriate portfolio committee member.
I look forward to the year ahead and serving MISASA and its valued members.
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