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2016 / 2017 Technical Report

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Annual Technical Report 2017
2016-2017 has been a very busy year for my portfolio and I would like to thank the members for giving me the opportunity to be their technical representative.  Many meetings were attended during last year.  So much happened last year it is difficult to isolate particular achievements throughout the year. Some of the highlights of the previous year are:
ARO status:
Our ARO status is still valid, and there are going to be some important changes in the forthcoming year, one being that we are going to have to change the structure of the ARO and how we go forward into the next year. We are indeed in interesting times.  Part 149, the part of regulation that governs AROs, is being redrafted.  If anybody has any input or ideas on how MISASA as an ARO can become better, please drop me an email and we can work on it.  We would like to be there for you as members.
Project 24:
Project 24 was progressing well until earlier this year when the project came to a halt.  SACAA wanted certain parts of the regulations finalised before the entire project was complete and as a result there were a few misunderstanding/misinterpretations of the parts that were put forward for comment.  Comment came in from industry about these parts and the project has been sent back to discuss the comments.  Communications will follow as soon as we know how it is all going to proceed.
Technical Approved Persons and maintenance:
The process of approving technical approved persons was under fire this year.  Previously the applications came to the technical committee for approval and then RAASA would issue the licence or amendment.  This process was seen to have flaws and RAASA put together a Technical Advisory Committee which they would use for the approval of many things amongst which would be the approval of new licences and upgrades for Technical Approved Persons.
The guidelines for the continued use “on condition” of timex engines were finalised and accepted after much deliberation which is allowed for in Part 44 for privately used aircraft.  This does not however apply for commercially used aircraft or aircraft used for training.
RAASA got it right to get the use of aircraft for owner training for Part 62.  SACAA did not want to allow the issue of an Authority to Fly in any form for the purpose of owner training.
There is still a lot of TAPs out there that are operating in the dark.  We are going to try as an ARO to get back to the old way of things of holding instructor and AP seminars/workshops around the country.  I personally would like to see this through during the next year. TAPs are still signing out annual inspections in terms of the ANRs. 
The Aero Club AP committee is still together and operational.  Should you have maintenance or aircraft related issues, please let us know and we can, as a panel, try and find a solution for any problems that may be out there.
RAASA ILF meetings:
Meetings are held between RAASA and the AROs which are used as a forum for feedback by RAASA to the AROs and where problems in industry can be discussed.  MISASA attends all these meetings and problems that are experienced by our members can be tabled and corrected at these meetings.  Items that I have tabled at these meetings have been looked at and corrected. 
The applicability and protocols for class 4 medicals has now been finalised.  The protocols for class 4 medicals has been drastically changed and relaxed and you will find it a lot easier to get your medical now. 
Registration of airfields:
SACAA brought out various versions of a regulation which would require anybody with a strip/airfield to register the airfield with SACAA.  They tried to motivate it saying that it would improve the safety record if this information is known.  Industry fought this regulation together and this regulation has now gone back to the drawing board.
Please if you have anything that is bothering you about anything related to recreation aviation, bring it to the correct person on the committee and we can take it forward and attempt to get it resolved by going through the correct channels.  Please don’t continue to mutter under your breath.  Let’s resolve matters together.
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