2018/19 Committee





Portfolio Name Cellphone E-Mail


 John Boucher

 082 553 1105


 Donald Hicks

 083 626 3180


 Brett Hickman

 083 994 1910


 Rowena Kraidy

 083 306 9980


 Dale de Klerk

 082 556 3595


 Nico Willemse

 082 852 5961


 Marius Nel

 083 419 6613


 Martin du Preez

 060 505 6214

 Advertising & MAD Team

 Adrienne Visser

 071 604 4648


 Hendrik Loots

 083 255 0639


 Thelma Roberts-Boucher

 071 656 2027

 Shadow - Technical

 Deon Kraidy

 083 400 1405

 Shadow - Safety

 Dawie du Toit

 082 576 2355

 Shadow - Safety

 Gerhard Burger

 079 871 3757

 Shadow - T&D

 Pieter Kriel

 082 451 1456

 Shadow - Competitions

 Donovan O' Grady

 078 553 6989



We maintain membership & external communication channels via print, electronic and social media including:
  • An interactive website
  • Facebook Page
  • eNews: Our monthly newsletter - The MISASA Apron is distributed to all pilots. 
  • Support to appropriate chat forums such as
  • General news from AeroclubSA via the newletter portal -
  • An “open door” to committee members who are all volunteers
  • E-Mail communications via member registered addresses
  • A variety of events offer opportunities to network and participate in projects. We believe events serve to promote aviation awareness & development and to enhance camaraderie between the membership and supplier community.


Experienced pilots pool information on technical & training matters etc for the good of all and they provide up-to-date information/advice via our communication channels on learning to fly, NPL Conversions, What to buy, etc.
Maintaining and acquiring the resources needed to stage competitive flying events and facilitating, through the Aero Club, the selection and award of national colours.

Committee Participation
All members have a standing invitation to attend all committee meetings and by invitation members may attend special committee deliberations that are held to define policy or set targets.
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