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Google Search all Webo Listings or Browse Directories by category, subcategory and name.
When the Directory is Open - Select the option to Add to Home Screen
Use the Mobi Directory for Search & Browse
and to
Download an auto-updating Contact List
Save your selected Contact List
Browse by making a selection on each drop-down list then Click GO
Scroll down on contact lists & "Tap to Dial" or "Tap to Link."


Notes on our "Bookmarklet APP."
There are a variety of internet browsers, mobile phone handsets, mobile phone operating systems and a few desk top computer operating systems. Your combination of phone/PC, operating system and browser will determine the options available to you. When you have opened and saved the page as a bookmark then, in the future when you tap the saved bookmark icon, the page will open provided you have internet connectivity. When you open the saved page the page will offer you the latest information available. We suggest that you try option 1 and if this is not supported by your phone then select option 2. 

Option 1: 
This opens the page on most phones and desk top computers and it allows you to save it as an icon on your PC or phone's screen. Should your phone support this option, then you will be able to browse by category when you are connected to the internet.
Option 2:
When the page opens please follow the normal BOOKMARKING routine that is advised for your computer.  Again, dependent upon your operating system and browser you will be offered the option to open and bookmark by clicking on it. Options 1 and 2 are similar except that option 2 has a wider header.
Downloading Neighbourhood Lists
This option is positioned at the foot of the Mobi Directory. View the options and make a selection. Then, click/tap  the GO button.  This option will offer you the choice of:
  • opening the page which you can read and or
  • bookmark and or
  • it will offer you the option to save a download file.
If you select the option to open the page and bookmark without saving a downloaded page then you will require internet connectivity when you next link to this bookmarked page.
  • The downloaded file is an .html file and the file name is normally a long number followed by the .html extension.
  • You can rename the file and you can create shortcuts to your desktop with or without icon image options.
  • The file is named by your Browser and it can be renamed to suit your preference.
  • Please do not rename the .html extension as it must be read as a page in standard webpage format (.html).
The first option works seamlessly and easily for most mobile phones but for some you may require a little help from your handset supplier about how to save bookmark and or download pages.

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