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Case Sizing
The NatureXan GOLD 100% Mangosteen Supplement case size is 12 units.
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The Only 100% Pure Mangosteen Juice in South Africa !
NatureXan Gold is processed from the pure mangosteen fruit using the whole fruit technique, the rind (pericarp), flesh and kernel are used, with the aim of maximizing its lively ingredients which are truly valuable to your health when consuming only a few spoons full per day. NatureXan Gold is a Nutraceutical beverage and has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to ensure a healthy lifestyle and excellent wellness.
Mangosteen Fruit is native to the tropical areas of South East Asia
NatureXan Gold is 100% natural, guaranteed.
 Ingredients :
 100% Mangosteen Juice
 NatureXan Gold is Pesticide free, NO preservatives, NO food additives and NO artificial flavourings, NO sweeteners added.
Dosing Quantity :
 Optimal recommended dose: 30 - 60ml per day.
  • Severe cases: 90 -120ml per day.
Recommended dose for children under the age of 6: 10ml per day.
  • Severe cases 30ml per day.
Dosing Instructions :
  • Always shake the bottle before pouring the juice.
  • Never drink directly from the bottle.
  • Saliva Enzymes can break down effectiveness of the Mangosteen Juice over time
  • Always drink mangosteen juice with a little food.
  • Eat Something small that contains oil for the Xanthone breakdown to occur efficiently  - Example Peanut butter on a cracker
  • Swill the mangosteen juice like a mouthwash before swallowing
  • This coats the inside of your mouth with Pericarp residue
  • Always carefully rinse the glass you use and drink the remaining contents after rinsing.
  • The remaining pericarp is rich in Xanthones and should not be wasted
  • Break up dosages and drink mangosteen juice through the day.
  • Better to have 3 small doses a day than 1 large dose per day
  • Keep your mangosteen juice refrigerated after opening.
Xanthones in Mangosteen Fruit
e Mangosteen Fruit
Xanthones are a class of plant derived nutrients or “phytonutrients” found in a few selected tropical plants. They have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies to hold tremendous nutritional value. Found to exhibit strong antioxidant activity Xanthones disarm free radicals in the body and enhance and support your body’s immune system. Although Xanthones exist in small amounts throughout nature, it is found in concentrated amounts in the Pericarp (Rind) of the mangosteen fruit.
There are more than 200 types of Xanthones in the nature and the modern-medical scientists currently put their interest in researching the health benefits of this amazing polyphenolic compounds worldwide. There are over 40 known forms of Xanthones naturally occurring in the mangosteen fruit of which 20 of these are in the pericarp. The two most widely studied Xanthones are Alpha Mangostin (Anti-Oxidant) and Gamma Mangostin (Anti-Inflammatory).
Xanthones represent the very latest that nutritional science has to offer. Much more than a great antioxidant, Xanthones are a class of multi-functional phytonutrients poised to raise the bar in the nutritional arena.
Remember that Xanthones occur in only a very limited way in nature and this rich source of Xanthones is what makes mangosteen unique.

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