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Pearl Royal Coconut Water

 Note: Ever wondered why tropical islands have no doctors ? Could it be the coconut juice?

Price:R 465.60

 Country/Territory: South Africa

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About Pearl Royal

Established in 2007,Pearl Royal has a great fan of coconut water as its owner. It is this fondness that gave him the inspiration to develop pure coconut water products best sourced in Thailand, and to help promote the country by reaching fans of coconut water throughout the world.
Firstly, the idea was researched to guarantee a supply of 100% pure coconut water.
Determined attempts paid off after almost two years of experimentation. Perfection was attained through persistence and the methods used to preserve the coconut water’s quality, flavor and taste much longer than usual were standardised.
Not only do the products deliver health benefits, they taste great and as a bonus you will look Cool due to our innovative and trendy Coconut Packaging.

Peary Royal: Enjoy 100% pure natural coconut water from selected young coconut trees in Thailand
In short we offer Healthy Coconut Water
"Wellness starts from within ..." Pearl Royal guarantees you premium 100% natural coconut water from selected young coconut trees in Thailand.

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