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Welcome to NatureXan KZN

NatureXan SA has established a reputation for excellence in service delivery. This quest for being responsive to your needs has resulted in our current focus which is to GO LOCAL.

Yes, the game plan is "in play."  Regional dealerships closer to our growing customer base have been established in Gauteng and in the Eastern Cape. Luckily for us we are number 3!

Actually, we are thrilled to serve the needs of KZN and will happily pass you over to our sibling dealerships in the surrounding regions. NatureXanEC's website is up and running and so is the NatureXanSA site.

We will have our website in shape within a week but, right now, it is looking good. See it at www.NatuteXanKZN.co.za

We seek to have an impact upon service delivery standards and will nudge the limits to service your needs for healthy mangosteen and pure coconut water. There are cheaper dilutions available but we stand to match quality with service.

Step one in our KZN game plan is to appoint LOCAL AGENTS.  Our strategy is to GO LOCAL!

Every agent will never be far away!  In fact they will be no further away than your pocket because every agent will have a personal link to you in the form of their own NatureXanKZN APP. 

We call it the NXKZN APP.  Tap here to see it and when open on your phone, select "Menu", then "Add to Home Screen."  Next shorten the name to NXKZN  and you will have a Tap to Open button on your phone to place an order.

Spread the word by sharing on your local social network page. You will find sharing links on our APP, on our ONLINE SHOP and on our BLOG. You can also e-mail the APP's QR Code to your friends. 

Please remember that to buy you will need to register. Registering is normal for online shops and for blogs as we need to know who you are to deliver to you and registration limits spam on our blog.
In addition to a personal NXKZN APP every LOCAL AGENT in each of our over 30 KZN AREAS will have a WhatsApp group.

The LOCAL WhatsApp group will allow you to share stories of the benefits of mangosteen and pure coconut water with your friends in your neighbourhood.

Remember WhatsApp messaging is encryipted so your thoughts will only and safely be delivered to your neighbours.
The tale of it being cultured on tooth brushes is false. It's grown on trees as old as 100 years!
The mangosteen story is simple.

It just works! Really, It is as simple as that.
For the USDA Nutrition Chart on Mangosteen please tap the link below. You will be amazed.
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Students, Stay at home Mums & Dads, Retirees & those with an appetite to earn. Secure an area ASAP
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