Policies & the Ts & Cs of Supply
We operate a conventional supply chain from:
  • Manufacturers in Thailand; Tako / NatureXan to
  • NatureXanSA who supply
  • Regional Dealers such as NatureXanEC and those in other provinces/regions and us (NatureXanKZN) to
  • NatureXanKZN area based direct sales Distributors and
  • NatureXanKZN stockists.
Our supply chain structure is no different to that of most of the retail industry in SA. Importers sell to Distributors/Wholesalers who sell to Retailers who in turn service the public.
MLM marketing involves upline and downline commission sharing. We do not share commissions and nor do our Distributors or Stockists operate downline sales enterprises.
Each of our area focussed distributors runs an independent business which we support.
Terms and Conditions
  • We are passionate about service delivery and our GO LOCAL strategy of getting close to our customers.
  • We support the NatureXan dealers in other regions and do not seek to establish a business that delivers to customers in other regions. The dealers in our surrounding regions are best able to service the needs of customers in those regions and we will assist them in getting the best service possible.
Please see the menu tab on Cerfification and Awards which acknowledge our quest to offer certified quality products.
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