Restaurant LPM Frequently Asked Questions

1Question 1: Is Loyalty Prorgamme Marketing (LPM) a good idea for me?Yes?
Option 1-1 If I subscribe to the BwY (Built with You) option how many table covers pm are needed to pay for it? Is it 5 ? YesMore
Option 1-2 If I subscribe to the B4U/BwY option how many table covers pm are needed to pay for it? Is it 8 ? YesRead more
Option 1-3 Do you need to review the idea behind the Restaurant LPM Growth Roadmap? Yes? YesRead more
Option 1-4 Per 100 customers; How many users (in a big city neighbourhood) will receive shared comments if it is easy and worthwhile to share? Is it over 100,000 ? YesRead more
Option 1-5 How many consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Is it 71% ? YesRead more
Option 1-6 How many times more likely is visual content shared on social media than other types of content? Is it 40? YesRead more
Option 1-7 What % of consumers are influenced by comments on Facebook? Is it 52% ? YesRead more
Option 1-8 Has Social media become the crucial part of digital communications strategies? Yes ? YesRead more
Note Digital Marketing is driven by possibility and not by historical trends. Click Read More for our White Paper on Loyalty & Referral Marketing YesRead more