Quiz Name :  Nine Question Quiz re the Law Firm Loyalty Programme Marketing (LPM) Package

1Which of the following do you consider to be critical to online marketing? Tick
Q1-1 How you present your content. Read more
Q1-2 Presenting relevant content that is in demand. Read more
Q1-3 Presenting content that is to be promoted to selected audiences in online advertisements. Read more
Q1-4 Presenting lead magnet content such as webinars, videos, eBooks and infographics. Read more
Note Digital Marketing is driven by possibility and not by historical trends. Click Read More for our White Paper on Loyalty & Referral Marketing Read more
Hi There,
We help passionate Law Firms create demand for their services so that they can strategically accelerate growth without a huge adspend budget. We do this by coaching and consulting on our tried and tested frameworks and roadmaps. In addition, we supply our 4 channel loyalty and referral marketing platform with channel fusion to seamlessly Push, Pull, Engage & Promote your services. 
Our LPM is a coached You Drive - We Nav solution with a B with U alternative. 
The read more links on each of the above Frequently Asked Quiz Questions offer insight and further frameworks to guide your growth. Set out below you will find the alternatives plus the pros and cons that will enable you to gather your thoughts for a one on one chat with me.
All our systems including encryption, firewalls, malware monitoring, backups and hosting is based in the USA. Our programming and graphic design support teams are based in Asia with management based in South Africa.
Kind regards
Alan Mackenzie  
Digital Marketing Coach                                                                                              
B.Acc, B.Com. (Hons), Dip. PA, CA (SA)
CEO: Webo

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 Frequently Asked Questions 
The Quiz above details in 9 Questions the most Frequent Questions that we are asked.
Each READ MORE option on each of the 9 questions offers detail on each question.
Do I need to sign a contract and how long will it take to build the App?
  • No, you can unsubscribe at any time. By arrangement and given the availability of interesting content from you that will attract audiences we will assist you to fast track your build. You Drive - We Nav, is our preferred build option rather than a B4U approach.
How many people can I expect the LPM referral process to reach?
  • The statistical average number of people to be reached is about 100,000 however this will depend upon the local market size, the demand, the relevance of the referred content to recipients  and on the size of your client list.
What do you get and what does the marketing technology do?
  • A 4 channel loyalty & referral marketing and engagement platform that is assisted DIY or turnkey B4U with button bookmarking SMART phone App technology;  Just open, select menu & add to home screen for a SMART button link on your phone. The platform is enabled by your subscription to the Webo SaaS.

  • Marketing; 4 channel marketing with channel fusion to build demand for niche services.
  • Membership management and list client building; Personalised online loyalty accounts for each and every client that are part of our POPIA and GDPR compliance strategy.
  • Quiz pages; Survey clients for feedback to better understand client needs at a detail level.
  • Page stacking; Content presentation with landing quiz pages for hundreds of micro focus areas.
  • Link & List Communication; Tap to access bulk content delivery to phones and PC's.
  • Online meeting rooms; Client engagement via webinar/free call-in video conferencing for 1,000 clients!
  • Promotions & Ticketing; Vouchers, #Hashtag harvesting, focus area social media image harvesting and tickets to controlled access workshops, lucky draws, etc.
  • Loyalty; 3 Tier loyalty point programme with social comment sharing and review rewards re packaged services.
  • Online content management; websites, e-commerce stores, blogs, Smart Apps, product showcases, image and video galleries plus flipbooks link & list communicators, etc.
  Wow, every single client gets a private social account to manage reviews, comments, etc! 
Q: Okay, but is there a fast track option?     
Step 1: Book a chat; It’s effective, faster and free!
Step 2: You decide; assisted BwY or B4U
Step 3: Checkout the availability of special sign-up offers
Step 4: Build your App with our help or watch us B4U. 
Step 5: After the "kwik build" grow your platform & engag
  • The fast-moving world that we live in, is not hindered by historical possibility, but by future opportunity.
  • Get to know your client needs and create value driven needs based on possibility vs past client behavior based on desires and not on historical trends.
  • Give your delighted clients something to talk about or share and they will. It is the key to your digital marketing success.
  • Our Four Channel Marketing System is a unique ground breaking referral marketing tool that nurtures your client base to grow your business. Used optimally the system will find you new audiences and attract these into your client relationship system prior to them participating in loyalty and referral incentives, etc.
  • We assist with enhancing awareness, education and conversion.
  • If you have your own "Tech Savvy" marketing department you can DIY your own use of the system. For SME's and bigger entities, with no time to spare,  that focus on core competencies we offer a complete management package so that you can focus on what you do best!
The Common Problem Faced by Local Businesses
Relating to Their Websites & Digital Marketing is that they are not found online.
We help you to get found by building the alternative approach of getting your clients to grow your firm by them sharing content that you create.

What do we do for you? In summary:
  • We meet online, to discuss the vision, strategy, client profile and the location of the desired client base.
  • We finalise your preference between the DIY and B4U option.
  • You pay for your choice of engagement. See our Showcase Link above for our sign-up bonuses.
  • DIY: We set up your site and we offer online Q & A webinars plus HOW TO buid guidelines per page.
  • B4U: We listen, and we research your value to your clients and the benefits that are important to them.
  • You provide us with your success stories and other content plus your client list.
  • We build & market to your subscribers by way of the App, Blog or showcase.
  • We monitor your facebook Business Page, audience building, audience education & conversion analytics. 
  • We suggest market reach booster alternatives including Google & Facebook adverts, Retargeting and more.
  • We implement, manage and report.
  •  The LPM App is especially designed to grow your business by clients sharing comments with friends. Your clients will share and they will talk about you online because it is easy to do and because you have given them something to talk about.

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