Quiz Page - Do Your Top Five Meeting KPIs Include The Following?

1Top five meeting "do nots"Do you Agree: Yes or No?
Q 1-1 Make sure that there is not another way to attend, such as by way of a video conference call, online meeting, etc. Read more
Q 1-2  Make sure that you have the mandate to contribute. Read more
Q 1-3  Make sure that you are prepared and that you have the skills to assist brainstorm a solution on the Agenda topics; you need not attend every meeting of the committee. Read more
Q 1-4 Make sure that dominant personalities have managed time allocations. Time management is a critical ground rule and more so if the meeting is between partners or Club, NGO, etc. associations. (This can be tricky, but it is essential). Read more
Q 1-5 Make sure that the meeting chair, facilitator, timekeeper and minute taker are not the same person and that responsibilities are agreed to before the meeting. Read more



Hi There,
Here is the Exec Summary:
Our Virtual Meeting Rooms paired with our Meeting/Board Pack App will delight and modernise your meetings. We hide private meeting rooms from search engines and we market public meetings with our 4 channel marketing technology.  Simply put we are like no other.
Alan Mackenzie
B.Acc, B.Com (Hons) B.D.P, Dip PA, CA (SA)
CEO Webo
The Meetings Communicator is one of seven Webo divisions.

PUBLIC or Private online Meeting Packs


Public or Private Virtual Meeting Rooms


Below is a Live Meeting Pack
Below is an example of a Public "Club"
Live Meeting Room Wall 

Meetings Communicator

Includes online meeting rooms and meeting/board pack apps.

This option is open to clients with their own online administrators with secretarial skills at a level that allows them to follow online setup HOW TO tips guidelines, build and populate page and App content plus take minutes during live meetings. No coding skills are required as the setup and meeting backoffice content capture is to WYSIWYG content editors.
You get a Meetings Communicator site that includes the following:
  • Unlimited* virtual meeting rooms attended by an unlimited number of meeting attendees.
  • Unlimited* on Phone/PC board/meeting pack apps provided to an unlimited number of attendees.
  • Connectivity with any browser from any PC, iOS or Android device.
  • Skype and FCC plug-in (Free Conference Call dial-in, recording and playback) meeting room integration for up to 1,000 people in a live video conference/webinar or alternatively use of any other video conferencing system in parrallel with the online meeting room.
  • Unlimited meeting duration with permantly open meeting rooms enabling permanent online reading rooms on professional, technical, project or topics or to service other needs.
  • Load voice files for playback.
  • Text and image polling.
  • Content sharing; Doc's, Powerpoint presenters, flipbooks, video and photo libraries.
  • Unlimiter* linked webpages and Unlimited* linked advanced quizpages.
  • Private and open off the record meeting chat boxes.
  • On the record comment capture and sharing.
  • Social media integration for public meetings.
  • Backoffice meeting administration for live minute capture.
  • Meeting minute template library.
  • Tech support.
  • Highest grade encryption available, firewall protection, 24/7 malware monitoring
* Subject to fair usage at the discretion of Webo.
This option is open to clients who do not want to manage their own meetings. We will build and administer the meetings so that all you need do is show-up for premeeting planning, provide the content and signoff on the board/meeting pack apps pre release to approved attendees. This option includes the DIY option.
This Meeting Administration service includes:
Pre-Meeting Planning
  • A planning meeting to discuss the meeting requirements.
  • The provision of the meeting agenda and meeting/board pack doc, video, powerpoint, etc content.
Pre-Meeting Sign-Off and Before Meeting Support Services
  • A meeting dry run rehearsal with the meeting chairperson and with any new attendees to ensure their seamless attendance.
  • Pre-release board/meeting pack sign-off.
  • Pre-release dry run with meeting presenters
Meeting Support Services
  • Managed video conferencing.
  • Draft minute taking.
  • Private chat box communication with the meeting chairperson.
Post Meeting Support Services
  • Finalisation meeting with the chairperson.


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