Why Webo; Four Directory Marketing Options and Three Site Builder Option
Why Webo?
We offer the most comprehensive directory and site builder in the world. Take your digital marketing to the next level with our SaaS. We are digital marketing strategists that provide the software to get your business growing. Let us show you how.
Directories, Directories & Site Builders
  • Four Options; Two Free and Two Paid
    • Free Listings
    • Free VIP Listing Enhancements (Mention-Me Campaign Reward)
    • VIP Listing Enhancements with Deal Promotion on Neighbourhood Lists
    • VIP Marketer with Deal Promotion on a Printed and Mobi Deal Finder List
  • Each level takes the Neighbourhood Marketing to the next level boosting consumer
    1. Awareness;  Needs are driven by the awareness of desired solutions
    2. Interest; Knowledge of the options available will encourage consumers to explore options to a more detailed level if it is easy to do
    3.  Brand Preference; Awareness, understanding their needs and solutions will enable brand likes and dislikes plus brand preferences to be formulated
    4. Sales; Brand preference and needs will drive sales.
  • Website Builder
  • Blogs, Viral Blogs, Blog Builder
  • Agile Surveys
  • Online Meeting Rooms, Meeting Pack Apps
  • Link and List App, Whats Good or Contacts App
  • Stores, Shops, Auctions
  • Digital Product Sales
  • Payment & Delivery Tracking
  • Loyalty Accounts for all members and buyers
  • Coupon Marketing
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Referral Marketing, Reputation & Referral Marketing
  • Neighbourhood Marketing
Business Opportunities
  • Neighbourhood Marketing Agents
  • Neighbourhood Marketing Distributors
  • Digital Marketing SaaS B4U Accreditation
  • Webo Distributors
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