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The internet has been built on a global platform. There are no boundaries, and local business must compete with the world. The result is that Meta titles, keywords and descriptions (coded messages to Search Engines embedded in Website code) are primarily ignored in website rankings for inclusion in search results. The pity is that abuse made this necessary and tens of thousands of verifiable backlinks and other criteria are all that will ensure that your local website is found. This means that you need a big budget or a huge amount of time to invest in sweat equity for your website to be found on the internet.
Try it. Search by category or keyword for a range of local websites, and you will find that they are invisible. You are likely to run out of appetite for "the hunt" before you find the site that you seek.
Now try searching for a business whose website address you have. Yes, this is likely to link you to the site. What if, a friend sent you this website address with a recommendation and a coupon that offers you a relevant reward for a product or service that your friend or business connection knows is something that you need.
Would you follow up on this recommendation from your friend or business connection?
The answer to these questions is that over 80% of us will follow up on the recommendation and use the coupon referred to us for our use if it is easy to do and if the reward is relevant to us.
If you are an existing customer of a business whose products and service are a delight would you log in to an online private social account to review any coupons or other benefits that you had available or to edit reviews made etc.?
How would you feel about sharing something of value with a friend. Given that a benefit had real value, would you share it with your friends or business connections?
If only one in ten customers share with ten friends who take up a valued benefit, the businesses size will double.
It's that simple. Do the maths; the possibilities are staggering. To succeed, you need to find the value that you offer. More often than not, customers will buy when the value to them, which is based on needs, exceeds the cost. Your cost is irrelevant to them. Astute shoppers will comparison shop and the trick is to gain a deep understanding of the need and to segment the market with an offer that more fully meets the need as it addresses the cause of customer problems more fully.
What if, you could survey your customers with an advanced online, on-phone, agile survey where every question is relevant because every question is carefully selected, based on the last answer, to drill down and find out what your customer needs.  If you provided what your customers need; would they buy?
We call ourselves "Spiders" as we do not just make website software, we develop digital platforms that are strategically designed to get your customers to grow your business. We are like no other.
The secret to business growth is not complex; Delight, Reward and Grow. It just works!
The most valuable assets that a business has is its staff and their customer list. To delight your customers and grow the list, you need to get the business balanced for success. It means that you need to give attention to your people, operations, funding and culture which support a crisp and clear, call to action vision that has inspired a strategy to make it happen. This done, you need to implement our second phase, a loyalty and referral programme that completes the strategy to attract, retain and grow your customer base. 
We run a Webinar on Wednesdays on a tried and tested strategy to grow businesses. Chat to us about being invited to attend. 
We offer a complete growth strategy rather than just a website that is likely never to be found.  Let's Chat about getting your business growing by subscribing to our Neighbourhood VIP Marketer campaign.  Contact Us and Let's Chat.
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