Custom B2B Directories
Custom B2B Directories
Directory / Collective Community Marketing is a Win:Win relationship builder for Corporate B2B Enterprises and the community of SME's that are their client/customer base. Examples include International Manufacturers of liquor, food and beverage products, Big Brands sold to SME's for resale, Large service-based enterprises such as professional firms, banks and finance houses, etc
SME's without big marketing budgets are not found on the internet and the B2B Corporate can give the gift of internet visibility to their SME clients and it can be structured to be extremely affordable, and in many cases, it can be structured to be self-funding. Ask us how.
The concept has gained a foothold in the financial services sector in Europe. The following case studies illustrate the impact and outcomes of a B2B Corporate collectively marketing its customers. 
Case Study 1
As the leading bank in France for SME business and franchise holders, Banque Populaire has a very clear approach to defining different customer needs. The bank serves 128,000 SME customers, provides 150 dedicated business centres and has 1,000 employees who specialise in the SME sector.
Banque Populaire also recognises that helping small businesses to compete in the digital space is well within the capability of banks and can be a crucial part of helping this customer segment to feel more engaged with a provider of financial services.
“In 2012, we also developed a special offer calleddirect et prochewith the idea of giving SMEs and micro-businesses the opportunity to create their own website that could include an online shop. We also created a marketplace to give visibility to these websites,” says Descos.* “It is a daily challenge to simplify the banking experience for our SMEs. It is extremely important to be reactive, simple and efficient. We want to deliver the best experience in the digital world. Less paper and more reactivity is the SME banker’s challenge.”
*Christophe Descos of Banque Populaire – 24 January 2017
Case Study 2
The Global SME Finance Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of financial institutions and fintech companies in delivering exceptional products and services to their SME clients.
In October 2019, Equity Bank won the Global SME Finance Award in the Platinum Category of SME Bank of the Year – Africa, at the Prestigious IFC Global SME Finance Awards, held in the Netherlands.

The bank has trained 45,725 entrepreneurs in partnership with Norfund, International Labour Organisation, MasterCard Foundation and the Lundin Foundation. For micro-entrepreneurs, Equity Group Foundation in partnership with Mastercard Foundation launched the Financial Knowledge for Africa (FiKA) programme in 2010 to deliver quality financial literacy training and advisory services to women and youth throughout Kenya. Since its launch, more than 1.8 million women and youth have been trained in financial literacy and money management skills.

Case Study 3
“We can interact with customers about such issues across different channels. One example is online meetings: we are now launching online branches in the Nordic countries and that is really important for the future. In three online advisory branches, which use a shared screen, we can bring specialists into the meeting. This is business banking direct, and customers can access it from wherever they are. It is a really modern way of running a customer meeting." Stefan Andersson, Nordea (The Largest financial services group in Northern Europe).
SME Coupon, Loyalty Reputation & Referral Marketing Success Stories:
  • In 1887 the GIVE A GLASS OF COKE handwritten coupons grew Coca-Cols.  Asa Candler’s coupon idea transformed Coca-Cola from an insignificant tonic into a market-dominating drink. His hand-written tickets offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola & by 1913 8,500,000 free drinks made Coca-Cola a national craze in the USA.
  • 2003 EARN A % AS A CASHBACK The PayPal Referral Program resulted in PayPal achieving a 7 to 10% daily growth that rocketed them to a user base of over 100 million users before the end of September 2003.
  • EARN ACCOMMODATION CREDITS Airbnb launched in 2008 & has booked millions of bed nights. Their 1st referral program test to 2,161 members doubled membership by 2,107. They offered a $25 travel credit for every referral that booked a $75 trip.
  • GIVE STORAGE SPACE Dropbox launched a Referral Program in 2010. By April 2010 they permanently increased signups by 60%. Users made 2.8 million referrals and both the customer and friend earned extra storage space.
  • SABRE AIRCRAFT - Launched the Webo Loyalty Programme and Customer Relationship App last year and notched up over 700 followers after two days and their App was nominated for App of the year.   Read more   Video


Our Offer: In a Nutshell, we offer three core deliverables...
  1. An online brand building SME community platform. Think ... LinkedIn and Facebook where millions of users have branded online pages/sites
  2. An enabler that will allow a B2B Corporate to collectively market its SME clients who will be enabled to get their customers to grow their businesses via an automated outbound reputation and referral marketing programme. Think ... Alibaba who took the SMEs in China to the World and it's market places.
  3. A B2B Corporate online points bank where every customer of all participating SMEs will be able to share, bank, consolidate and redeem loyalty rewards and points that they can redeem at preferred B2B Corporate SME vendors. Think ... eBucks on steroids! 
Our offer for inclusion in your business B2B package for SMEs will differentiate a B2B Corporate, deliver greater B2B Corporate visibility, SME growth and it will enhance client relationships. Support will be via Group Coaching, DIY Training Courses, Page by Page " How To Tips" and 24/7 FAQ Webinars/Replays. Does it work? Simply put, our offer takes one on one networking and word of mouth reputation and referral marketing which has worked for centuries to the internet. Read more
Many B2B Corporates & Webo share a common focus upon enabling SME Growth and Relationship Building.  Read more
The Webo Academy has a standard challenge to SME's to "Double Turnover in Half the Time" and offers webinars and training material on how SMEs can implement the tried and tested "DTHT" frameworks provided. Relationships are fostered through engagement. The Loyalty & Referral Marketing module offers every customer of all SMEs a private online account to manage loyalty & referral rewards, subscriptions, and reviews. Customer accounts are GDPR & POPI compliant as they are customer-managed, password gated private accounts.
The Digital Marketing Problem Faced By SMEs
There were some 1,74 billion websites on the internet on 4 January 2020. Only about 10% (180 to 200 million) are active. 75% of users never go beyond the 1st page of browser search results. The result is that SME's are not found by those submitting some 7 to 10 billion search requests per day on the internet, websites are abandoned and become dormant as Inbound Marketing budgets are often not available.
There is another way: Customers growing businesses!  
  • Statistically 70% to 86% will share when it is worth their while and it is easy to do. Thus:
  • 70% share with friends on say, Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends.
  • Referrals may then reach: 70% x 338 people x eg 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step.
  • In the next step the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.
Customers with a B2B Corporate SME Loyalty Account will benefit from positive engagement, writing reviews and making referrals.
Your tipping point to the next digital marketing generation. Read more
Why Webo?
There are many website builders and many directories. In a one to many goods or services structure, the combination of the two is what makes Webo unique and the synergy that it offers from social collective marketing and from mobile internet-based knowledge/content management to brand building is astounding.
Webo Hubs: We offer to create a B2B Corporate SME directory and site builder that is the go-to place for SME growth and relationship building enablers.
  • The www.B2B will be home to the B2B Corporate SME client community which will allow it to be collectively marketed by a B2B Corporate and by the SMEs themselves. Read more
  • Benefits to SMEs include enhanced visibility (it’s akin to a shop in a mall that benefits from mall marketing yet retains identity independence) and access to the world’s most complete digital marketing, platform building, software bundle optimized to connect and build relationships. Read more
  • Benefits to a B2B Corporate include brand building: In the same way that all Facebook and Linkedin user pages are branded so too would B2B Corporate SME sites be branded eg https://B2B
    • ‚ÄčEnhanced referral marketing integration will make it easy for customers to grow businesses.  Read more
    • Marketing a B2B Corporate SME Loyalty Programme (a B2B Corporate Loyalty Card) where every customer of an SME gets an online B2B Corporate Loyalty Account that manages rewards and which enables points consolidation. Thus the B2B Corporate reach extends to the customers of the SMEs. 1,000 SMEs should market B2B Corporate to up to 30 million customers or one customer should reach up to 300 who reach 90,000 and so on. Read more
  • Advanced Site Builder functionality on the B2B Corporate Directory that enables the capability to empower SME digital content management and online marketing including:
    • Four-channel marketing Read more: Website (with no page/content limits), Bookmarklet App builders, Store (including product variation mgt, auctions, digital product delivery), Viral Blogs and Social Integration. Read more
    • On phone/PC Meetings Communicators: Online Meeting Rooms, Meeting Packs and video conferencing plugins for up to 1,000 people. Read more
    • Agile survey technology and data collection with dynamic next question technology. Read more
    • Three-tier next generation Reputation and Referral Marketing and Loyalty Programme Management (LPM). Read more
    • On phone/PC Link & List Communicators that enable searchable personalized mobile document libraries. Read more
  • Hosting is negotiable.
Demo Sites
• Shopping Malls
• Home Decor Store:
• Hotels & Lodges
• Jewellery & Store:
• Restaurants: Steakhouse:
• Restaurants: Seafood:
• Takeaway/Fast Food: Sushi:
• Directory:
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