Neighbourhood Marketing


Neighbourhood Marketing?
We recommend two ways to be found on the internet that are equally effective but which are poles apart in terms of budget needs and methodology.
The first is available to big business who use big budgets to attract online eyeballs through PPC saturation marketing. It works; money can optimise your website’s SEO, build and add content on a daily basis and buy you traffic. Other big budget options include TV advertising, print media adverts and the rest. They all take a big budget and they deliver. 
The second way lies in understanding that most local businesses seek a local rather than an international or national audience. If you want to market to a defined “Home Zone / neighbourhood” and your customers are drawn from that same “Home Zone” then the chances are that your customers know who you desire to attract to your business. 
Delighted customers that are prepared to refer you to a friend do not. The reason is that at “the moment of delight / satisfaction” it is not easy to make a referral and so lethargy and self interest cause them to not take action.
Getting customers to refer you to a friend is achievable but there is a secret to success; you have to make it easy (this addresses lethargy) and rewarding (so it’s in their interest).
Social Sharing?
Statistically, studies have shown that 70% to 86% of us will share when it is worth our while and if it is easy to do. Thus:
· For every 100 customers of yours, if say 70% share with friends on say, Facebook where, on average, they have 338 friends.
· Referrals may then reach: 70% x 338 people x 100 customers = 23,660 referrals in the first step.
· In the next step, the reach explodes but suffice to say that the local reach will be saturated.
Give to Get
At the heart of the secret to success lies the principle of give to get.  Give your customers something to talk about or give them something to share and, you guessed, they will. In summary: Customers that have found your value will have friends and connections who too will find the value that they have found. One more time: Make it easy and rewarding for customers to network and generate leads for you and they will.
WhatsGood Communicators aka Mobi Pocket Advisors or Printed Fridge Lists
The WhatsGood Mobi Pocket Advisors are designed to offer tap-to-dial convenience to users that can easily add a tap-to-open button on the home screen of their phones. Each time a button is tapped the latest version of the page will open.
The Printed Fridge Lists are handy pocketable lists of selected suppliers that offer info, deals, coupons,loyalty, reputation or referral rewards.
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