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This is a Webo SaaS LPM App Demo Comunicator
Should you wish to contact us please select the CONTACT US option above.
Mall Reputation & Referral Marketing App
It's an APP with coupons for all shops in the mall
Customers can add reviews and Share the coupons with friends
It's an online "word of mouth" multiplier at 

About Reputation and Referral Marketing & the Keys to Success


The Webo Mall Marketing App is an online coupon rewards system for shopping malls, markets or stores.  Offer rewards for adding reviews which build reputations and for sharing on social networks or for one to one emailed recommendations, make it easy to do and this "online word of mouth" will grow the audience of your mall. It's collective marketing that works as it's easy and affordable.
Step 1: Select Login above and Register to receive your own private review and rewards account.
Step 2: Browse the coupon, voucher, ticket or other rewards listed below and select one that you have knowledge of and write a review. When done submit and your Mall Fan status will be upgraded to ADVISOR.
Step 2: Browse the coupon, voucher, ticket or other rewards listed below and select share the link. Select a social network and share your comments. When done claim your status upgrade to ADVOCATE.
Step 3:  Select a reward coupon below ( GET IT) and Add it to your account. Once added you can email it to a friend, download it or print it.
Step 4: To redeem a coupon that you have printed please present it to the store in question. Each coupon is numbered. You may not duplicate it however you are able to obtain as many coupons as each store has set as a max limit.
Step 5: To redeem a coupon on line - on phone, Log In and select MY ACCOUNT. Next present the phone to the store who will enter a redemption PIN number on your phone.
Gifted coupons may be redeemed on phone or as a printed coupon depending on the setup options selected.
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Tap Menu , 3 dots on an Android Phone or the squre with arronw on an iphone. Then select add to home screen to button bookmark the App on your phone.
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10% off this month. Available to Advocates and Advisors who may gift this coupon to a friend..