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Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS; Membership Plans & Pricing

 Note: Loyalty Programme Marketing Plans & Pricing

 Country/Territory: South Africa

Build an LPM App like this with the Webo SaaS. Select Read more for our standard plans and pricing. With our support you can build a LPM App with limited PC skills and no programming skills. We can also build it for you.

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The Webo SaaS Subscription plans are set out below.

Monthly DIY SaaS Bundle R997 pm
Annual DIY SaaS Bundle R9,970 pa (2 mths free)
Monthly B4U / BwU SaaS Bundle R2,000 pm
Annual B4U / BwU SaaS Bundle R20,000 pa (2 mths free)
AB (Audience Builder) Bundles R500 pm
Monthly B4U / BwU Saas + AB Bundle R2,500 pm
Annual B4U / BwU Saas (2 mths free) + AB Bundle R26,000 pa 
   All Packages are available as Pay-As-You-Go Membership Upgrades
in Your Free Trial Membership Account Administration Panel   

Hi There,

The Webo SaaS is a comprehensive suite of digital marketing sofware enablers that offer advanced content presentation and integration opportunities across multiple online communication channels.

Niche markets differ and the application of the SaaS enablers will differ to accommodate the needs of Niche markets that may be targeted.

Hamburger Marketing is an analogy representative of the 3 layers to the envisaged marketing campaigns. The integration of coupon marketing, loyalty marketing and referral marketing lies at the core of Hamburger Marketing. Law Firms, Clothing Boutiques, Hair Salons and Restaurants, as examples, will draw on the SaaS enablers to differing extents to create the measured outputs, impact and outcomes that may be desired.

SaaS subscriptions start as DIY free trials and can be renewed as DIY or B4U options with the  Build 4 You (B4Y) option being subject to a quotation for the implementation of 4 channel marketing integration/promotions.  In all cases the raw content (Logo's, About You content, etc. is supplied by you. You drive the DIY campaigns and we can navigate. In the B4U option we drive and you navigate. The SaaS supports attract, delight, retain and reward referral campaigns that create an environment in which your customers grow your business. In short, we enable loyalty and referral marketing.


Your Support Team.

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I'm ready to build my loyalty rewards programme on the 
all-in-one Webo SaaS online marketing platform that
gets my customers to grow my business. 
Try it free with full SaaS Access
If you are new to the Webo SaaS we recommend that you download and review our How To eBook: Click here to Download the eBook
Given that you have signed up and are building your Free Trial LPM App. If you would like us to review your progress sign up for a review HERE.
Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS
Link to the following Referral Marketing Comunicators:






Our Loyalty & Referral Communicator is built to suit individual requirements with our SaaS for local businesses.

Join the Webo
or Business Connection Programme
Our Advocates cash reward is R500 ($30) & our Ambassadors get R1 000 ($60)
per successful Referral. T's & C's Apply. 


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