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Summary - Why Webo?
  • It is different and addresses the idea that people can cost effectively collectively market themselves to local communities who will benefit from the accessibility and the relationship building functionality. In addition:
  • -  It offers huge collective marketing opportunity and can build many unique niche markets
  • -  It is a hub that can be taken to any geographic, industry or corporate market
  • -  Its strengths lie in how the content is managed and the ease of maintenance thereof for
        whilst websites are common self managing customer conversations is uncommon even
        though social networking has developed the skills to do so
  • -  It feeds the market shift to knowledge workers interfacing directly with corporate service
  • -  It will grow functionality at an astounding pace as it is a home for HTML code with the
       need therefor being driven by social network demand
  • -  It can become Africa’s telephone book of the future
  • -  It supports creative email construction with easy build use of animation, flash etc
  • -  The buyers portal is a comforter
  • -  It is immediate - just load content and publish
  • -  It enables two way information sharing of documents and operational reports supported
        by cell phone video etc.
  • -  No need for contracts - just pay as you go
  • -  It is not revolutionary - just common sense!


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