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We have taken Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the next level for SME's by interfacing with social media to enable a unique Loyalty Programme Marketing environment that manages entry tickets, coupons, vouchers, reviews, #hashtag marketing, polls and surveys and more. We also notch it up with the creation of Webo Marketing Chapters that ha
By Alan Mackenzie

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Three Steps to Social Media Marketing; A VIDEO OVERVIEW
Posted On:  25th, January 2017
Three Steps To Optimising For Social Media MarketingThe three steps offer a clear guideline for digitally marketing coupons. The plan is equally applicable to a wide range of attractive product or service offerings. Given an attractive offer, the ease of sharing the good news across social media platforms is optimised.
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Five Tactics To Viral Content Marketing.
Posted On:  31st, December 2016
Five tactics to viral content marketing. Our Coupon Marketing strategy kicks off with social sharing. Receiving a recommendation from a person with whom you have a relationship, such as a friend, family member or business connection is a powerful persuader. It persuades because it is intimate, it reflects passions
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How Often and How Many e-Mails should I send out?
Posted On:  30th, November 2016
So often I read reports on the above topic and wonder why they make it sound so complex. Take the common sense approach, and you will be amazed at how much it simply makes sense! It's early Monday morning, and you beat the traffic to get in early so that you could delete the weekend's spam before the day b
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Ten Steps to Marketing Success aka How Too Build Your Mailing List
Posted On:  30th, November 2016
1. Play the long game.Keep your current subscriber's happy by meeting their expectations. They know you, and you, them. Establish and maintain a conversation that is mutually profitable. All too often the chase for new subscribers leaves your loyal customer base being underwhelmed by your attention to their needs.
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