Restaurant LPM App: Snapshot
Loyalty Programme Marketing
Integrating Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing - Makes Us Unique 
"We take word of mouth marketing online and make it easy for customers to grow your business. 
Deeply discounted coupons attract bargain hunters.  There is another way.
Customers sharing rewards with friends introduces customers to delight & retain."
Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.
From Third Party Coupon Marketing to Structured In-house Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing
"Think of it as automated, online word of mouth marketing"
"We've taken the best from coupon, loyalty & referral marketing
to create a unique APP that gets your customers to grow your business."
Coupon Marketing
We offer online, on-phone & print & present coupons, vouchers & tickets
Objective: Target, Attract & Convert
• Find the value to Audiences eg Singles, Families, Retirees, Corporate Exec’s
• We target audiences based on profiles and interests
Loyalty Marketing
We offer every customer a private account within three customer segments and our on-phone App button offers direct pull access to the latest info & links
Objective: Segment, Engage & Retain
• Gather feedback with advanced dynamic online surveys
• Host #hashtag competitions, events, luckydraws and more
Referral Marketing
We offer one click one-to-one reward (coupon, voucher or ticket) sharing by e-mail, download or in print, review sharing and content link sharing
Objective: Mobilise Advisors, Advocates & Ambassadors
• Like minded customer segmentation enables lookalike customer targeting
• Host the content or curate the links to fun & entertainment, info, trends, infographics, events, reviews, news, case studies, success stories, discounted offers, comments, VIP memberships, knowledge and more. CLICK HERE to review a list of reward examples 
Keys to Success
Delighted customers: Are likely to offer referrals
Rewarded customers: Are likely to offer referrals
Enabled customers: Make referrals (reviews & link sharing) easy
Rewarded Referral Marketing
Simple to Review & Share
Simple to Gift Matched Coupon Rewards
Outbound Social & Direct Sharing
"It's Online Word of Mouth" 
Rewarded Loyalty Marketing
Segmented Customer Base
Delight, Engage to Find Your Value
Build Relationships, Advisors & Advocates 
Coupon Marketing
Inbound Lookalike Customer Referrals
Target Profitable Audiences
Delight & Convert Inbound Audiences

Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.


Double Turnover in Half the TimeIt 
Reputations & Referrals Grow Businesses
  • We Grow Reputations and Referrals
  • We fuse Website, App, Blog & Social Media communication
  • We automate online, on phone, coupon, loyalty and referral marketing
  • We identify your status, next steps and relevant rewards
  • We supply every customer with a private loyalty account
  • We mobilise your customers to grow your business
  • Let’s double turnover in half the time
  • Let us show you how it can be done
  • Sign-up… and try it free
...only appealing offers drive shares,
so select a
valuable and compelling incentive
specifically matched to your best customers.
...the most compelling benefit
will not be a financial discount...

Keys to Success

Reputation & Referrals

  • Reputation & Referrals… grow businesses
  • Incentives work… when relevant
  • Give to get works… Gift rewards; make it personal
  • When it’s easy… it happens
  • When it’s rewarded… it happens
  • Facebook referral sharing… the 200x message multiplier
  • Ask and get… 3x the referrals
  • Let us show you… that it’ll work for you
  • Sign-up… and try it free
"Is your Restaurant Struggling, Surviving, Thriving?
Are you busy serving coupon waving bargain hunters?" 
Those that know better, know that profitable customers sharing earned referral rewards with friends, works. 
Simply put: Done right - Give to Get Works! 
Why do we offer a limited free trial?
It's a limited offer as we must be a good fit and we must have a free trial "job slot" available
Why Free Trials?  We believe in personalised solutions
We have found that customers prefer to see how it will work for them rather than how it works for others.
Contact us to see if we have a free trial job slot for you. ACT NOW and see it work for you. 
SUBMIT the contact form below for us to contact you about building your Free Trial.
Double Restaurant Turnover in Half the Time

Reputation & Referrals Grow Restaurants 

  • Step1: Fuse Website… App, Blog & Social Media
  • Step 2: Automate marketing… coupon, loyalty & referral
  • Step 3: Establish next steps… & relevant rewards
Try it free & Let us show you how it works

We Grow Reputations and Referrals

  • Step 4: Connect with… private customer accounts
  • Step 5: Mobilise… customers to make referrals
  • Step 6: Let’s double… turnover in half the time

Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.




                                                   Try it Free & We'll Show You That It'll Work For You.


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