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How to Build
a LPM App
R997 pm
R9,970 pa
(2 mths free)
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SaaS Bundle
R2,000 pm
B4U / BwU
SaaS Bundle
R20,000 pa
(2 mths free)
AB (Audience
R500 pm
Monthly B4U /
BwU Saas +
AB Bundle
R2,500 pm
Annual B4U /
BwU Saas
(2 mths free)
+ AB Bundle
R26,000 pa 
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What do you get with the SaaS (Software as a Service) package?
Okay, so why could Reputation and Referral rewards fail to make participation irresistible?
  • Key to reward success is reward relevancy.
  • There is a lot of truth in the addage:  "What is good for the Goose is not good for the Gander." 
  • Offering awesome rewards that do not appeal to a customer is not going to be an incentive.
  • It is simple,  get to know your customers and segment them into groups that are like minded and they will "row your boat to success!"

Link to the following Referral Marketing Comunicators:

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Our Loyalty & Referral Communicator is built to suit individual requirements with our SaaS for local businesses.

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Our Advocates cash reward is R500 ($30) & our Ambassadors get R1 000 ($60)
per successful Referral. T's & C's Apply.  Click here to READ MORE



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