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Webo Digital Marketing Packages: What do you get?

Our Four Channel Marketing System is a unique ground breaking referral marketing tool that nurtures your customer base to grow your business. Used optimally the system will find you new audiences and attract these into your customer relationship system prior to them participating in
loyalty and referral incentives, etc.
We can assist with enhancing
awareness - education and conversion.
If you have your own "Tech Savvy" marketing department
you can DIY your own use of the system. For most SME's and bigger entities that focus on core competencies we offer a complete management package so that you can focus on what you do best!

Common Problems Faced by Local Businesses
Relating to Their Websites & Digital Marketing
We help you to get found with measured visibility.
We assist with the problems on the left as follows:
  1. Poor internet visibility with a low Google Ranking.
  2. People do not visit the website or it receives limited visits.
  3. No customer loyalty programme.
  4. Customer relationships are not managed.
  5. Sales are over the counter or in-store and no records of the customers are kept.
  6. Coupons are marketed to 3rd party coupon vendors but the coupon buyers never become regular customers.
  7. Website is out of date.
  8. No measured traffic.
  1. Growth does not rely on Google, SEO nor Rankings.
  2. The App is product centric attracting customer curisoty.
  3. Loyalty programme coupon reward functionalty.
  4. CRM via messaging  and e-mail opt-databases.
  5. Opt-in Databases and every customer has a social account for reviews, blog comments and loyalty coupons.
  6. Coupons are branded in your name to registered customers who are known.
  7. Fresh product content specials are added.
  8. App videos display engagement view counters.
What do we do for you? In summary:
  • We meet,to discuss the vision, strategy, customer profile and the geographic location of the desired customer base.
  • We listen, and we research your value to your clients and the benefits that are important to them.
  • We suggest referral rewards/incentives and alternative incentives for customers to share with friends.
  • We build & market to your subscribers by way of the App, Blog, e-Commerce shop or showcase.
  • We monitor your facebook Business Page and the audience building, audience education & conversion analytics.
  • We splt test what sells to whom and where.
  • We suggest market reach booster alternatives including Google Shopping, Retargeting and more.
  • We implement, manage and report.
Never before has there been a Communicator bookmarklet App that is especially designed
to grow your business by customers sharing incentives and rewards with friends.
The Connect Look & Chat Facebook Mantra with Pixel Analytics is fully supported.
Our Toolbox & Keys to SuccessWe help you to CONNECT, LOOK and CHAT
ConceptGood deals are shared, growing the customer base, resulting in buyers buying more and more often.
Sellers: Adventure/Experiences, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, etc. Buyers: Diners, Shoppers, Gifters, Holiday/Leisure Seekers, etc. Products: Experiences, Products, Services, Meals, etc.
TriggersValidity (expiry date), Price (discounts/rebates), Availability (limited number), Time (last minute deals), Quality (factory shops), Seasons (end of season sales), Activity (slow day promotions), etc
BuyersEvery buyer receives an online buyers account to administer their coupons, vouchers, subscriptions to email and sms notifications, e-commerce history, etc.
Payment GatewayThe system manages Credit Card, Paypal, Direct Deposit, COD, On Account, Promo Code, Gift Voucher, WhatsGood Coupon Credits and custom payment methods. The system is ready for MyGate Payment Gateway activation to accept most credit cards.
Policy Acceptance
The online acceptance of mandatory terms and conditions is administered.
ExclusionCoupon exclusion days and date ranges can be set.
Products can be promoted to featured status.
Stock Mgt.Stock control and out of stock notification is standard.
Online TradingFull e-Commerce with online shopping basket, product variation (eg size, colour etc), payment receipt and dispatch tracking is, where needed, standard.
Bulk SMS intergation
SMS subscriber list management (opt-in & opt-out) and intergration with a bulk SMS engine is standard.
Bulk Email integrationEmail subscriber list management (opt-in & opt-out) and integration with a bulk Email engine is standard.
Social Media Sharing re:
Products & Reviews
One click sharing with Facebook friends, LinkedIn business connections, Twitter & Pinterest followers, WhatsApp and Email messaging and many more options are standard. Hosting image albums of images auto harvested from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is standard.
Payment Admin
The appointment of online admin staff to manage an online sales dashboard to clear payment (EFT and other) receipts and to monitor sales is enabled.
The appointment of online coupon/voucher redemption administrators is enabled. QR code scan redemption from printed coupons/vouchers or direct online redemption without printed coupons/vouchers is standard.
Knowledge TransferDownloads / Presentations include: Table Menus, Live Menus, Brochures, eBooks, Flipbooks, Powerpoint Presentations, Blog Topics, etc
Pull: The Online APP is a tap to open resource featuring the latest deals and other information.
Pull: Blog participation. Product reviews, eBooks etc
Push: Opt-in SMS and Email subscription, Blog follow, unfollow options.
Loyalty: Extensive customer management, reward  and feedback system.
Reach Extender: WhatsGood Marketing List inclusion
Webo Digital Giveaways

PcPe: The People Centred Performance Enhancement eBook is published in over one hundred countries and is available on Amazon. If you seek a turnaround strategy that works this eBook is tried and tested and has turned around small businesses, National Government Departments and even a University Department. You can read the reviews and about the USA 5 Star Award on Amazon. Click the links above to read these books on Webo Apps. TTGO: The book on the right Time to Go Online will help you navigate the challenges of going online.  There is no charge for these eBooks - we do not ask for e-mail adresses. If you'd like to chat however, let's set up a strategy session and get your business growing.



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Our Loyalty & Referral Communicator is built to suit individual requirements with our SaaS for local businesses.

Join the Webo Refer-A-Friend or Business Connection Programme
Our Advocates cash reward is R500 ($30) & our Ambassadors get R1 000 ($60)
per successful Referral. T's & C's Apply.  Click here to READ MORE

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