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What Generally, Are The Three Stages of Customer Loyalty - video transcript

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Do your customers grow your business?
Invest 6.5 minutes on the video and see how to take your customers to Level 3.
Ask yourself: How much you spend on getting new customers and then ask yourself if you spend at least a fraction of the amount on customer loyalty and on getting your customers to sing your tune!
Taking Customer Loyalty to the Next Level.
Many local businesses focus on PPC Adwords, adverts in newspapers, billboard ads, flyers at robots and more. The drive is to find new customers. Paid advertising does, I believe work given that it is optimised to convert a targeted niche audience. This is not the problem, the problem lies in the lost opportunity of getting existing customers to grow your business. It has to be the cheapest, by far. Just image having 500 customers singing your song and advising you on the next tune that they want to dance to!  It's called Customer Loyalty. It is not a complex idea the complexity is hidden in the simplicity of the idea and it is for this reason that many prefer to work hard rather than work smart.
Do you have a customer loyalty programme?
Is your programme a baseline self-interest programme or are you a step up at the customer engagement level?
Let us explore the route to the next level.
How much more does it cost to market to existing customers than to prospective new ones? Estimates range from 5 to 25 times more. Also, existing customers, on average will spend at least 50% more.
What are you doing to excite, engage and build a relationship with your customers?
Issuing loyalty cards to be stamped or issuing stamps & stickers encourages customer loyalty and it is a good start. It shows that there is self-interest. Many points systems and customer tier systems also hook customers into being loyal because it is in their self-interest.
The problem is that the goodwill is not used to grow your business.
We create active customer databases with individual personalized loyalty accounts online on-phone or on-PC. More importantly, we give you the tools to keep loyalty members engaged.
Engaged customers will grow your business if you give them something to share and if it is easy to share.
Going “cheap” moves stock but at a cost. The biggest cost is a reluctance to pay normal prices in the future.
Explore the range of benefits that offer value.
These could include benefits such as:
  • Exclusive VIP discounts or add on product offers
  • Exclusive VIP customer service
  • Expedited delivery
  • Entrance tickets to exclusive preview night shopping / “first access” to new ranges shopping hours
  • Exclusive ranges
  • Tickets to exclusive events
  • Flexible returns policies
  • Upgrade coupons
  • Buddy benefits (These are benefits to offered by associated businesses)
  • eBooks (How to & About Knowledge)
  • Giveaway Lucky Draws & Contests
  • Discount coupons, volume buy coupons (buy 3 get one free etc.)
It is cheaper to retain a customer than to get a new one but what if customers return with their friends?
One more time.
“Give a happy customer something to share and they will become brand advocates, who promote your business, for free and with credibility, to their network of friends.”
Your loyalty programmes can:
  • Elevate your business and empower customers to be advocates
  • Give customer service a brand identity
  • Personalise your loyalty programme
  • Shape purchasing behavior
  • Offer pre-sale advantages
  • Offer new range preview advantages
  • Make customers feel special
  • Promote loyalty and advocacy
  • Establish relationships that explore customer and business benefits
  • Help businesses to better understand customer motivations
  • Enable social engagement and referrals
  • Manage over communication with opt-ins and on-phone apps and PC bookmarking
  • Manage alert messaging opt-ins
  • e-Mail News opt-ins
  • Provide on phone App button links to product deals, events and product showcases
It is all about finding and promoting ways to enhance customer value, customer service and to efficiently and conveniently track and manage coupon redemptions.
With established relationships you will be able to move from managing compliments and complaints to actively engaging customers in planning new ranges and services that meet desires and demands.
It is all about Taking Loyalty to the Next Level
Ultimately, not only do customers become brand advocates that grow your business but they become active product advisors on what will sell and what not. Customers that feel consulted will eagerly await the arrival of, what is, next up.
Could you ask for more!
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