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Getting Started with the Communicator App FAQ\'s

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How do I get Started ith the DIY Option?
You can build and maintain your own site because it is easy (no coding knowledge is required) and by arrangement, we help.
Sign Up then Login and go to My Account. Every Site Builder Option has "How to Tips" at the foot of the page
The Free Trial requires no Credit Card and it includes access to the Full Paid Version of the Webo SaaS
Start with building your Communicator App for phones and PC's with the 14 Day free trial
The Communicator App is activated after you have signed up for the 14 day free trial
Try it free with full SaaS Access
When you register for your free trial your username must be one word with no spaces.
Go to your site at your your URL and login with your e-mail address and password.
Next, select Members Portal /  MY ACCOUNT and open your Admin Manager.
Your Site URL will be
On the right is a list of all the site builder options.
Select an option and review the "How To Tips".
Contact us to activate the LPM Package.
Contact us if you need help
We suggest that you start by reading our DIY Getting Started eBook.

How do I get Started with the B4U option?
To start please register for the DIY option and then Contact Us. Alternatively you can book a one-on-one consultation Here.  
If your business is pressed for time then our B4U subscription will get you on the fast track to getting started. We offer a wide range of opportunity and support in the B4U option that will  include the design of a roadmap that will take you from here to where you want to be. We are digital marketing strategists with tried and tested performance enhancement frameworks that have a reputation for delivering impossible results. Contact us, we aim to please!

Who can subscribe to the DIY option and what support is available?
The 14 Day Free Trial is available to all. In addition to the Geeting Started eBoo the DIY option is supported by video conference training in a Webo Online Meeting Room where you will find all the resourses needed to get growing! Remember that there are "How to Tips" at the foot of every page of the Admin Panel.
You will be required to register to get your site builders account so that you can login with your registed email address and password.
If you want your site built for you or built with you (B4U / BwU)- Please contact us. You need to provide us with the content so we need you to work with us unless you have a website that already has your content on it.

What is the cost?
R997 pm
R9,970 pa
(2 mths free)
B4U / BwU
SaaS Bundle
R2,000 pm
B4U / BwU
SaaS Bundle
R20,000 pa
(2 mths free)
AB (Audience
R500 pm
Monthly B4U /
BwU Saas +
AB Bundle
R2,500 pm
Annual B4U /
BwU Saas
(2 mths free)
+ AB Bundle
R26,000 pa 
   All Packages are available as Pay-As-You-Go Membership Upgrades in Your Free Trial Membership Account Administration Panel   

What are the chances of a Referral Marketing programme becoming a success story?
Referral Marketing Statistics

What are the chances of a Referral Marketing programme being a failure?
About 30% of all referral marketing programmes fail.
Okay, so why do Reputation and Referral Rrewards Programmes fail to make participation irresistible and can I learn from their mistakes?


                               What do you get with the SaaS (Software as a Service) package?



                                 Does Webo Digital have a Referral Marketing Programme?

Yes, we reward our advocates for spreading the word
and we reward our prospective new clients
with build time during the 14 day FREE TRIAL period.
Register and Join our


                                          Does Webo Digital have an Affiliate Programme 

                                       that allows me to open my own Webo SaaS Business?

Yes, we do. Read more here.


Frequently Asked Questions
on Getting Started with the 
Webo Communicator App
We are a local business without a big business marketing budget so what can this all-in-one reputation and referral marketing programme do for me?
  • Reputations and referrals have always grown businesses
  • The Webo Communicator App just automates "word of mouth" marketing
  • Customers growing your business is the most cost effective route you have to your market
  • You delight your customers and we make it easy for your customers to add reviews, share and be rewarded for growing your business 
  • Referral Marketing is an alternative to getting found on the internet because your customers put you in direct contact with their friends and connections and so the PROBLEM of SEO is not a consideration in communicating with your audiences.
Where can I read more about Digital Marketing with the Webo SaaS?
I understand that every customer of mine will get their own private customer account that they can log into to track their referral rewards on their Admin Panel.  Great, but how many customer accounts do I qualify for with the packages?
There is no limit to the number of private customer accounts.
We expect your business to have thousands of customers.
What database records on my customers will I have access to?
Your customers may opt-in to receive SMS or Email notifications from you and we maintain two databases to support engagement in this manner. We maintain a database of SMS opt-in customers which you can download and we maintain a database of Email opt-in customers which you can download.
How many items can I list in the Communicator App?
There is no limit however there is a practical consideration that needs to be considered which is that browsers will ire of scrolling down through hundreds of items. Presenting items in categories is a partial solution. Where you have hundreds of items it is suggested that these are made available in the PC page option and that a selection that is limited to a couple of hundred are featured on the Mobi App with read more links to the more comprehensive PC version.
Do the SaaS Packages include bulk Email and Bulk SMS functionality?
Your ADMIN PANEL offers the opportunity to bulk SMS one or more selected customers or all of them that have opted in to receive SMS notification and there is a similar option to bulk Email your opt-in customers. Bulk SMS and Bulk Email credits are an optional extra charge.
Can the Communicator App be built as a full Mobi eCommerce Store?
The PC Page and the Mobi Communicator App can offer classified (unpriced) items, fixed price items and fully managed auction items plus it can offer fully managed coupons, vouchers, tickets and more.
Can the Communicator App sell digital products for managed delivery?
Digital products (eBooks, music, etc) can be fully managed for free, paid or auction delivery. Physical product delivery cost charging and delivery tracking functionality is available.
I get it. There are three keys to success.
1. We must delight our customers. People do not willingly make bad referrals.
2. You must make it easy and simple so that customers do what we ask them to do.
3. We must reward customers for participation and for growing our business because incentives work.
  • Key to reward success is reward relevancy.
  • There is a lot of truth in the addage:  "What is good for the Goose is not good for the Gander." 
  • Offering awesome rewards that do not appeal to a customer is not going to be an incentive.
  • It is simple,  get to know your customers and segment them into groups that are like minded and they will "row your boat."


Webo Digital Giveaways

PcPe: The People Centred Performance Enhancement eBook is published in over one hundred countries and is available on Amazon. If you seek a turnaround strategy that works this eBook is tried and tested and has turned around small businesses, National Government Departments and even a University Department. You can read the reviews and about the USA 5 Star Award on Amazon. Click the links above to read these books on Webo Apps. TTGO: The book on the right Time to Go Online will help you navigate the challenges of going online.  There is no charge for these eBooks - we do not ask for e-mail adresses. If you'd like to chat however, let's set up a strategy session and get your business growing.



Webo Digital Links

Link to the following Referral Marketing Comunicators:

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Our Loyalty & Referral Communicator is built to suit individual requirements with our SaaS for local businesses.

Join the Webo Refer-A-Friend or Business Connection Programme
Our Advocates cash reward is R500 ($30) & our Ambassadors get R1 000 ($60)
per successful Referral. T's & C's Apply.  Click here to READ MORE

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