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LPM Referral Programme Promotion & Selected Webinar Highlights

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You delight your customers who, when canvassed, are willing to add reviews. They share and recommend you to their friends and business connections because it is easy to do and the rewards, to them and to their friends, are desired as they are relevant.
Note that social sharing reviews promotes reputation awareness and that Refer-A-Friend and Other campaign sharing promotes referral campaign awareness.
Referral campaigns are designed to introduce new customers who may receive a sign-up reward and the referring friend may also be rewarded.
Your referral campaign is good to go. Now it needs to be promoted. 
  • Your Communicator App lists coupon, loyalty and referral rewards and benefits.  Often a Referral Reward will be a Coupon obtained from the Communicator App.
  • Communication Channel Links to Your Communicator App
    • The Webo SaaS offers a link to your website main menu as well as to your Store plus you have the option to add a footer partner link on all site pages (website, store, blog, image galleries, etc.).
    • If your Facebook Business Page has 2,000 likes you can add a side panel link to your Communicator App.
  • E-Mail Campaigns to Promote Your Communicator App
    • Given that your business maintains a customer list you can send your customers a launch e-mail ( and follow-up mails) plus you can send updates on your Communicator App when new rewards are announced or when new customers are signed up.
  • Banners and Posters
    • Promote your Communicator App on in-store posters and draw attention to refer-friend,  mention me and other referral marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate your Coupon Marketing Campaigns with your Communicator App
    • The Webo Communicator lists coupons and manages the fulfilment of requirements for acquisition. Requiring use of the Referral Communicator enables you to sign-up what are potentially bargain hunters thus enabling you the opportunity to convert them into loyal customers.
    • Coupon marketing campaigns are designed to attract new audiences and coupons or coupon campaign ads may be printed in magazines,  flyers, print media adverts, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Consider requiring that coupons must be obtained from your Communicator App and consider requiring that coupon redemption requires registration on your Communicator App.
    • Consider the requirement for coupon validity the need for the coupon to be shared, on the App, on a social network. This will build audiences and awareness.
    • Consider the requirement for coupon validity the need for adding a product/service review on the Communicator App. This will build your reputation and promote social proof of customer delight.
  • Integrate your Loyalty Marketing Campaigns with your Communicator App
    • Loyalty marketing campaigns are designed to reward customers for their loyalty and they may offer benefits as well as status recognition.
    • Integrating your loyalty campaign with your communicator app will promote referral campaigns to loyalty programme members.
    • Using the Communicator App to deliver rewards by way of a Communicator coupon or by way of a link to benefit information pages or to reward vouchers.
  • Integrate Your Referral Marketing Campaign with your Communicator App.
    • Your Communicator App is designed to promote your reputation and to create viral marketing opportunities.
    • Digital Referral Marketing  is about Online Word of Mouth promotion which is what the Webo SaaS Communicator App automates providing the kick start to viral awareness.
  • Advertise your Communicator App and Referral Campaigns in online and offline media.
  • Referral rewards need to be relevant and exploring the value of information rewards delivered by the Webo Communicators built with the Link & List Communicator and the WhatsGood Communicator is recommended.

There is a solution to getting found on the internet.
Build a community and get them to grow your business
Webinar Highlights - 12 Minutes

Attract with coupon marketing and convert
Webinar Highlights 17 Minutes

Keep customers with loyalty marketing by engaging and delighting
Webinar Highlights 12 Minutes

Referral marketing by advocates & advisors grows reputations and referrals as it is easy and rewarded
Webinar Highlights 9 Minutes
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