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Get Going Guideline: You Drive or We Drive

Thank you for your interest in our SaaS Package 14 Day Free Trial of our Referral Marketing software solution. The SaaS Package is the platform used to build a LPM (Loyalty Programme Marketing) App. The technology fuses the best of coupon, loyalty and referral marketing and then it promotes the App on multiple channels.
Briefly stated, the strategy is to explore relevant rewards to target audiences that most likely will be lookalike segments of your current customer list (it's about getting your best customers to refer you to their friends). You then reward customers for writng reviews on your App (which adds social proof to your Reputation) and for sharing comments on their social networks which builds awareness across a large audience that includes the friends of your friends. The average awareness multiplier is over 1 to 200 so getting, on average each customer to refer a friend will Double your Turnover in Half the Time (DTHT).
Customers qualify for rewards by writing reviews and by sharing. Every customer gets their own personal loyalty account to track their rewards. You can also offer customers two-way rewards where both get the reward if the friend takes up the offer detailed on a coupon that they are sent. In this way you attract, retain and grow your customer base.
The Webo Loyalty & Referral App (LPM APP)
Having a great App is like having an awesome sports car with no petrol; you have to invite friends to come and look at it! As you know, you have to drive it about and promote it. 
This is another area where the Webo SaaS package is unique as it offers "one click" ( no programming knowledge is needed) site builders to support four channel marketing; websites (including full e-commerce stores), apps (referral and information apps), blogs and across the board viral social media integration. 
If you are starting from scratch you can create and we will host all your online digital marketing   platforms. Not only will we host these but we will set them up on the servers in the USA and we will include firewall protection, SSL encryption and 24/7 malware monitoring it's all included in our rates. It is like having a shop in a shopping mall. You get a mall address and you can also have your own URL. 
By creating these four channels you will set up the opportunity to build customer relationships that will drive your referral marketing campaigns. If you already have any of these channels we just link to them.
Four Channel Marketing
We all detest having a clogged mail box and thus we resist PUSH marketing campaigns.  Having the option of  an App that allows you to tap a button on your phone to PULL newsletter updates, specials etc is preferred by many.  Key to our success is the fact that we allow your customers to chose how they want to engage and we offer them the opportunity to signup for SMS short messaging and separately for e-mail notifications. The secret is to offer a balance that they prefer; you'll love the technology.
Balancing Customer Engagement with our Communicators
Plans and Pricing
We offer three SaaS membership subscription plans; DIY (You Drive & we navigate), B4U (We Drive and you navigate) and audience building ad campaign budgets to drive Facebook etc promotions.
The subscriptions are either monthly or annual. If you select an annual payment plan you pay for 10 months and you get 12 months membership. 
Getting Started: Create a roadmap to your future
To start you must give thought to a roadmap that will take your business from where it is to where you want it to be. We offer extensive planning assistance with powerpoint template roadmaps and comrehensive plans that you can easily edit to suit your needs. 
Getting Started: Decide on who will drive!
You must decide on who will setup, build and drive your referral marketing camaign.
If you have an online marketing executive in your business, or a person with adequate PC literacy, you can drive and we will be in the "passenger seat" advising you on suggested next steps. This is the DIY option. The 14 Day Free Trial is a DIY option and you can use it to start building your referral marketing campaign immediately and we will assist by offering documentation, video and live online training at no extra charge.
If you want us to setup, build and drive your referral marketing campaign, given direction and agreement on your objectives, then use the 14 Day Free Trial to explore the options before we take over. This is the B4U option. Once you are convinced we can start to build your campaign for you. It could be immediately or when you're ready.
Getting Started Checklists
Set out below are two checklists. The first sets out what you need to do to get started with the DIY plan (you'll drive) and the second sets out what you need to do if you want us to setup, build and drive your referral marketing campaign for you.
You Drive: The Do It Yourself (DIY) Checklist
To get started please follow this guideline:
Get Ready: Read a short introduction about us Click Here  If you are new to referral marketing, read our eBook on Digital Marketing and read our eBook on Reward Structuring with reviews of many international success stories. The eBooks offer advise on the how to, what and why of Referral Marketing. Please also visit our blog.  If you are short of time just scroll through the pictures on an online eBook Click Here  To link to the blog index page Click Here.
Study our HOW TO guideline. You need to study this outline on getting started before you start building your LPM App. Click Here to download a copy.
I'm now ready; what's next?  You need to Sign-up and get started with the 14 Day Free trial.  Click Here  Remember that your username becomes part of your "mall address"  eg which is your URL until you set up another URL. Remember to add the referral code in the Area/Promotion field if you have been referred by one of our Advocates or Ambassadors.
Need Help? What if I need advise or if I have questions? You can immediately engage with us and request a review and assistance. Click Here to request assistance. There is a live help option on our website (see the button on the bottom right of a page).  
5. When do I pay?
You pay nothing for the 14 Day Free Trial.  If you pay at the end of the Free Trial period the sites that you have built; website, store, blogs and apps will be live for the period paid for. If you do not pay before the end of your free trial your sites and all your customer's accounts go offline. 
That's it.  We wish you every success with building your referral marketing campaign. We're here to coach and guide you to success.
We Drive: The Built For You (B4U) Checklist
Please complete the B4U (built for you) contact & links form. 
If you have a website. We have found that where you have a website that it is faster and effective if we make a start and then contact you to discuss your suggested edits to a quick start draft site. You can also e-mail us with any special needs / requirements and we will let you know if the build will be non-standard or not. If non-standard ( which is not normal) we will quote you on supplying your specialst needs.
If you do not have a website. We will set up a video conference or online meeting in our meeting room or by Skype to discuss your (and our) needs to get started. In this case please complete the B4U form (see 1 above) and in addition add comments to briefly state your requirements eg I would like an app like the restaurants demo.
4. Please review the LPM Apps that are linked below or watch some of the videos on our Hamburger Marketing webpage (we use the hamburger analogy as there are 3 layers to a hamburger and there are 3 layers to a LPM App) as these will offer ideas for your own referral marketing app.  Please click on the Hamburger Marketing Image below to go to this video gallery webpage.
The Webo Referral Programme
Yes, we have a referral marketing programme. Become a Webo Advocate and refer your crowd to us and get R500 ($30) for every successful member that subscribes with your referral code. After 10 successful referrals you will be upgraded to Ambassador status and then earn R1000 ($60) per successful referral. We also have distributorship opportunities in various countries/regions to own your own Webo business. To read more Click Here
Welcome aboard. We have achieved the impossible for others and can do it for you.
Alan Mackenzie
CEO Webo
B.Acc., B. Com (Hons) BDP, Dip PA, CA (SA)
Featured live demo LPM Apps 
1. Jewellery Store:
2. Decor / Furniture Store:  https://dé
4. Hotel, Lodge & B'nB:
5. Shopping Mall:


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