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Having a roadmap to the future that is desired will assist in exploring reward opportunities.
Hotels and BnB’s will tend to cater to business or to a holiday audience.  In cases where they cater to tourists the provision of a “What’s Good “ bucket list of contacts that suggest hundreds of things to do will be highly prized.
In the example on the left the guest may select an  option to print a loyalty card or the guest can manage the loyalty points awarded by way of the online allocation on phone of the points awarded on each stay.
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One of the joys of a great holiday is sharing the adventure with your crowd. Business travel too lacks the glamour that many believe to accompany the necessity for away trips and it is the little things that ad value and comfort. All too often hoteliers lose sight of the fact that guests are potentially, their best a channel, to a broad audience of like minded people who could become loyal customers.
Think about receiving a reward from a friend or business connection that is shared with a recommendation. The credibility of the promotion far exceeds that of conventional marketing campaigns. The power of social sharing to build awareness is legend as is the power of reviews to build reputations. 
Getting a great review and a referral from a delighted guest can be a liklihood if it is easy to do and if it is rewarded. On average, travel agents earn booking commissions of 10 to 25% yet not many see this as an opportunity to promote a Guest Referral Programme that need not be as expensive.
Marriott and Air BnB have had legendary success with guest referrakl programmes and so too, can you get your guests to open an ipad and send a coupon to a friend with a recommendation.

Advocates can earn up to 50,000 bonus points for sharing Marriott with their friends and family. When an advocate refers up to five new customers per year, advocates earn 2,000 points every time a referral books a stay to a max of 50,000 bonus points. Referred friends also get 2,000 per stay to a maximum of 10,000 bonus points.
The effects of the economic downturn include a competitive market for bednights. Points based loyalty programmes often coupled to frequent flyer programmes are a corner stone of frequent "happy returns."  There is another market and that is for the irregular guest.  Irregular guests make referrals based on comfort, location and value for money. It is the little things that move ratings from a 7 to a 9. Do you survey your guests to find those things that make the difference.
Consider the scenario of a largely business hotel that finds itself with very low bed occupancies over week-ends and during high season holiday periods. Structuring high season rewards for the family of frequent business trvellers offers an opportunity to build loyalty and to grow an audience by extending the option for reward sharing to the MPC group (Most Profitable Customer). 
Buddy deals and contact lists too, offer potential for reward relevancy.  Lifestyle contact lists, on what to do in the neighbourhood and buddy deals from local retailers are likely relevant rewards.


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