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LPM Video Tour Including Webinar Replays

Hi There,
The LPM is for businesses who delight customers. The three layers; coupon, loyalty and referral attract, retain & grow the business. We call it Hamburger Marketing because the layers combine to make each as individual as you want them to be.
Our Grandparents and their's used Word of Mouth Marketing (WoM) to grow their businesses.  Absolutely, it has worked for generations. Read on and discover how we have automated WoM to be all that it can be in the online world of the internet.
WoM used to be simple, it still is, you know that you have to attract customers, then you have to deliver and delight so as to stand a chance of getting them to refer you to a friend or business colleague. If half do, twice a year, your turnover will double.
Drive the Referral Layer: Reviews grow reputations. Sharing is online WoM. Structured rewards grow reputations and referrals.
Build the Loyalty Layer: Start with private customer accounts, then engage and find out exactly what the value is that you deliver.
Setup the Coupon Layer: Attract new customers and segment them into lookalike groups to service their specific needs or desires.
The LPM has no beginning and no end. It is about creating a community that services the needs of the others.
We offer a SaaS (Software as a Service ) package that automates the marketing on a site, apps, blog and social media. Try it free and we will show you what it can do for you.
Our Wednesday Webinars take the form of a Q&A disussion. They are restricted to small groups so as to allow us to get personal about your business. By arrangement, we will also set up one-on-one video conferences between us and your team in a Webo Online Meeting Room.  Contact us to set up a one on one discussion. Set out below are a range of videos that address frequently asked questions as well as recorded webinar introductions.
Let's chat, 
Alan Mackenzie
CEO Webo
B. Acc., B. Com. (Hons) BDP, Dip. P.A., CA (SA)
Snapshot - 1min 10sec
 What is Loyalty Marketing 
Snapshot - 1min 10sec
What is Referral Marketing?
Snapshot - 1min 43sec
What is Webo SaaS?
Hotels - 2min 1sec
APP Gifting
Restaurants - 2min 1sec
APP Gifting
Trending - 3min 55sec
Video Marketing
Overview - 7min 11sec
Referral Marketing
Overview - 1min 43sec
Webo SaaS
Overview - 3min 38sec
4 Channel Marketing
Review - 4min 53sec
SaaS App in Action
Review - 7min 56sec
3 Steps to Going Viral
Review - 6min 38sec
Get Growing / Secrets
About Info Rewards - 6min 9sec
Content Communication with the Webo SaaS
The Webo SaaS - 3min 18sec
Referral Marketing - It's another way!
About the Webo LPM - 12min 14sec
Make it happen with the The Webo SaaS 
Webinar Intro Replay - 12 Minutes
 Introduction to Hamburger Marketing
the Integration of Coupon, Loyalty & Referral Marketing designed to
Get Your Business Growing.
Webinar Intro Replay - 17 Minutes
Coupon Marketing - Level 1: Get Them
Attract new and existing buyers  
Our Apps make it easy to Reward Them
Webinar Intro Replay - 12 Minutes
Loyalty Marketing - Level 2: Keep Them
Engage and Convert New Customers
Our Apps make it easy to Reward Them
Webinar Intro Replay - 9 Minutes
Referral Marketing - Level 3:  Get Growing
Get your customers to grow your business
Our Apps make it easy to Reward Them
Reputation & Referral Marketing 
3:39 Minutes
Reputations & Referrals Grow Businesses
Our Apps make it easy !
The Webo SaaS Challenge - DTHT
SaaS, The Professions,
Retail & Other Coach
Alan Mackenzie
Robert Knuckley & Matt van Doorn
Chris Pollard: Coach
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